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What are you addicted to?

Written by Mary

We all have our addictions, more or less, it is true. For some, compulsive shopping, for others food or new technologies. In short, few of us are spared. Note that we are predisposed to some of them according to our zodiacal sensitivity. We propose to make a tour in the astral sky to identify the astrological signs and see what makes them addicted!


Tea or coffee? Both.
It gets on your nerves when things stagnate or hover. Little natures, very little for you! Also, to get in tune with a highly electric energy, you sip your caffeinated cups one behind the other. Looks like coffee was invented for you. And not to commit too much abuse, do you think, you're making a change not with the verbena (yuck) but a good green or black tea.


Eat with good appetite
This addiction, one could say that it is your second nature: to eat, to ruminate, even to possess; all this makes you more serene, more thoughtful or dreamer. You are in harmony with matter, whatever the meaning of that word. You need to taste, savor, appeal to all your senses to exist. And the more you eat, the more inspired you are, the more confidence you have in life!


I think so I am
Your addiction comes from your mind. This needs to go here or there, to jump from one place to another, to learn, to gather information to share with others. If you are silent, it is because you meditate on a particular subject, your next trip or your next subject of study. If you open it, it is necessary that you need an interlocutor who listens to you and gives you grist to grind to develop your argument.


To love and be loved
Your romantic nature is in constant need of idealization. Going out with the beloved, taking refuge in a movie theater together, daydreaming in his arms and feeling part of him unconsciously reminds you of the amniotic darkness of your mother's belly. This interdependence is vital to you. However, getting out of your shell is not to neglect for your balance; taking the measure of the world around you is important to understand where you are.


I shamelessly shop
The shopping addict, it knows you better than anyone. Anything that can value you, with a brilliant and grandiose style, tempts you without restraint. You are connected to a merchant website to order a leather goods or a pair of shoes, and you feel at best ... ephemeral. It is by putting your finger either on your credit card but on your own intrinsic value that you can win because you know what you are worth.


The hygiene geniusÂ…
... or his demon? According to you, cleanliness is a serious matter. You need to feel clear in your thoughts and comfortable in your familiar environment. If you see a spot under your nose, take the towel and the stain remover does not frighten you, on the contrary. You will work to make your world clearer. But you can go so far as to be afraid of the possibility of being soiled or touched by a microbe. At this level, do not let yourself be dominated!


Love, always love
You do not conceive life without a partner because, in your eyes, life simply balances with two. If you find yourself alone, this is usually not for very long. You take care, observe your surroundings to study a possible compatibility between you and your future half. It's your fixed idea! An authentic and serious relationship is the essential thing of a life. You feel in harmony with yourself when you have solved the problem of your duet.


Your energy is of such a voltage that it is imperative for you to share it to merge. With you, there is rarely any other alternative, the passion is in good shape! Under the duvet, you will maintain a very warm climate with your half, to the delight of your duo. And if you do not feel more interaction from your partner, you send him all the signals of the world so that he understands. Spice up your life, it's a program included in your genes.


The adventure is the adventure
Addicted to new horizons, you are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to leave, to meet new people, to explore an exotic philosophy, to launch an original and unprecedented project. And as you have faith in your star, you cannot imagine all your adventures FAILING. And even so, you would do it again until you have succeeded, enriched your existence, embellished your universe. Your life is a perpetual adventure!


Your eternal addiction is work. It's hard to think of anything else! As part of your profession, it is vital to set goals, to structure each step, to study all the possibilities of success until you press them like a lemon. Be addicted to work, why not, if you like the idea but in proportions that remain acceptable; because we must take care of the burnout and strive for a better balance between personal and professional life.


Digital hyper connection
You are known to be addicted to screens. Your hobby is the technologies that fascinate you almost full time. Smartphones, tablets or laptops are your allies. You love to be connected to read your emails, exchange your knowledge or make new links. You should learn how to deal with breaks by disabling many notifications on your iPhone and neutralizing the alert window of your emails on your computer at work.


Dream only of that
Conscious or not, you put on idealistic glasses to transcend or dream reality. It is also for this reason that you like to sleep. Even if you are not an artist, your imagination works, and you may say that you have to confront reality, you cannot help adding something, a detail, a color to a decor or well a human trait to a person who would appear to you mechanically. By your addiction to romanticism, you make the world more beautiful.

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