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Introduction: Blast furnace!

Sagittarius ascendant Scorpio: Beneath your charisma and natural friendliness lies a keen intelligence, a sure instinct that tracks down the slightest weakness in others. You are a formidable enemy, but a loyal friend. A born rebel, a challenger, perpetually challenged, you need an independent occupation and partner! Your formidable energy is focused in passionate impulses towards intense, frenetic love affairs... Your life is not all restful...

Strengths of the for Sagittarius ascendant Scorpio: Determined and intelligent
Weaknesses of the for Sagittarius ascendant Scorpio: Rebellious and outrageous

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Personality: Straddling intimacy and sociability!

You have a generous personality, available and open to others, you appreciate exchanges, because they are for you a source of learning both playful and profound. Very whole, open to the outside world, you never leave your inner life and like to lead a life rich in meaning. Intuitive, you have a very fine perception which allows you to spot the weaknesses of your opponents and to take advantage of them.

Vitality / Temperament: A force of nature!

Passionate, whole, in all the fields of your life, you seek the perfection. You have a strong personality, very independent and courageous, you have a powerful need to surpass yourself. Endowed with a strong magnetism and a natural authority, you impose yourself without even raising your voice. Lucid and critical, in permanent challenge, you are disputing and provoking.

Love and emotional relationships: Life-saving crises!

Your love affairs are tortuous, marked by many anxieties and questionings. You let yourself be carried away by your impulses and then you take yourself back. With time, you become more calm and composed and your sentimental life stabilizes. In love, you always ask yourself important questions, but the answers often come too late. There is a gap between your desires and your certainties. The emotional trials are for you opportunities of interior enrichment, because they allow you to extend your comprehension beyond appearances, to gain in wisdom.

In the family: The Spanish Inn!

Your household is restless, rebellious and often eccentric. Freedom and independence are the key words in your home. You are quite liberal with your close relations, provided that each one takes very early his responsibilities. You manage your family as a small society where everyone has a part to play for the well-being of everyone else. You have a tendency to mix your friendships with your family life, which can lead to many comings and goings and sometimes anarchic schedules.

Relationship with money / material goods: Great financial ambitions!

In the professional field, you are ambitious and you appreciate large-scale enterprises. Determined, voluntary, lively, you know how to give yourself the means to concretize your projects. But behind your apparent assurance hides a great sensitivity and many difficulties to manage your emotions and your desires. You are solid, courageous and passionate, your actions are guided by a very useful instinct to obtain what you want, but you are a bad loser, you are cantankerous when the competitions do not turn to your advantage, even if it is rare.

Socio-professional life: Independent at heart!

You become aware very early on of the essential role of money and you make it a point of honor to be self-sufficient in this area. Your desires are accentuated and are expressed with passion. You have great material and financial ambitions. Willing, determined, resourceful, you have the ability to set up your own business, you like to work independently, owing what you have only to yourself. You are aware that you have to work hard to obtain the material security you want.

Sphere of friendship: Episodic friendships!

The issue of finding fair relationships is central to your life. Your friendship life is just as non-conformist as your personality. You can love one day and hate the next. To you, stability is not very important. You'd rather flit around, picking up relationships than making a commitment. Emotionally, it is essential for you to know how to control your energy, because you risk being perpetually agitated or dissatisfied and your popularity suffers.

You have a Fire sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

You need to go beyond the limits induced by your keen sensitivity, you aspire to free yourself from your inner brakes to express your potential. You possess a wisdom that is the backbone of your personality, but which can push you to isolation at certain times.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

You are knowledgeable and enthusiastic, you are able to globalize your knowledge and put it into perspective. This sign is enthusiastic in its activities and capable of practicing several at the same time, it has a thirst for discoveries and new adventures.

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