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Introduction: Need to shine!

Leo ascendant Scorpio: Your social success is based on your desire for recognition. You put all your pride and determination into it, and when you succeed, it's with a bang. You feel a compelling need to make your mark on the world. You dream of notoriety, prestige and recognition. You are ready to sacrifice many things to succeed where others give up... You seek responsibilities, your natural authority pushes you to easily obtain a position of power.

Strengths of the for Leo ascendant Scorpio: Ambitious and passionate
Weaknesses of the for Leo ascendant Scorpio: Tyrannical and indiscreet

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Personality: Be the first!

Although anxious, you have a strong self-esteem, you constantly need to surpass yourself and others. You are a leader with strong magnetism. Challenges, fights and competitions do not scare you. Courageous, enduring, ready to do anything to achieve your goals, you sometimes lack objectivity, misjudging the risks or stubbornly doing what you want. But if you manage to control your powerful energies, you are capable of great achievements.

Vitality / Temperament: All or nothing!

You have a powerful temperament which ignores half measures and, behind your calm appearance, hides an angry and uncompromising nature. You react explosively to stupidity or disrespect and you always say what you think, even if it means displeasing or hurting people. Inspiring at the same time fascination and fear, you exercise a strong ascendancy on others, you like to impose your ideas, your convictions.

Love and emotional relationships: Beware of jealousy!

In love, your feelings are passionate, deep and lasting, but you are possessive, exclusive and your jealousy may lead to conflicts. Your sensuality is powerful, but your emotional approaches are a bit selfish, not to say authoritarian. You like to look at yourself in the mirror of the other. And you have difficulty in questioning yourself by accusing the other of your own weaknesses. But you are faithful and passionate. In love, you think you know what you want, but you regularly make choices that lead to disappointment.

In the family: Too exclusive!

Your energy fluctuates over long periods of time, which favors excesses that alternate between too much and not enough. Uncompromising and uncompromising, you find it difficult to bear the hesitations of those around you and you encourage them to become aware of what they really want. But a certain possessiveness pushes you to too much control and ascendancy on your close relations, your extroversion sometimes passes for a will of domination and can create power relationships. Your natural gift of influence should be handled with care.

Relationship with money / material goods: Excessive ambitions!

You carry within you an intense need for personal realization which constantly pushes you to accumulate knowledge, to seek perfection. You alternate between periods of intense action which follow other periods synonymous with stability, pause, total refusal of action. This configuration is not always easy to live with. You are rather active and determined, but you often use bad stratagems to get what you want. You lack modesty and sometimes you are far too insistent, you need to impose your will to feel like you exist. You are motivated to achieve a position of authority and responsibility and you work hard to gain honor and social recognition. You are determined to make a name for yourself, to rise above your background, to become an example to others.

Socio-professional life: Expensive, but smart!

You seek material fulfillment through inordinate goals and you are sometimes naive. You naturally aspire to a certain comfort, an art of living based on your natural environment that you have the art of making prosper. You are very gifted in your investments, your intuition and your lucidity are an excellent combination.

Sphere of friendship: Rare and reliable friends!

You keep to yourself in groups, but are very effective in practical ways. You are a devoted friend, full of analytical and listening resources. You have few friends, but your relationships are solid and constructive. You expect as much critical thinking from your circle of friends as you do from yourself, for the good of all.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

For you, it is important to be emotionally involved in your career, ambitions or aspirations. Social success, whatever it may be, is of utmost importance.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

You need to be respected in your social life. Your efforts, your will and your goals are perfectly defined in your mind: you have a rather concrete vision of the type of destiny that attracts you and you certainly do not wish to remain in the shade.

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