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Introduction: Beautiful dark one!

Capricorn ascendant Scorpio: Underneath an attractive but often icy exterior, you hide a heart that is sometimes ardent and passionate and an intense emotionality... You are capable of accomplishing a considerable amount of work, in volume, in duration and in the most difficult contexts. Your tenacity forces admiration. You need partners gifted with exceptional intuition to discover your emotions or your thoughts hidden deep inside.

Strengths of the for Capricorn ascendant Scorpio: Courageous and ambitious
Weaknesses of the for Capricorn ascendant Scorpio: Hard and touchy

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Personality: Ardent philosopher!

You have a passionate personality, you never neglect your inner life and you need to lead a meaningful life. Trials are an opportunity for inner enrichment, as they allow you to expand your understanding and fighting spirit and to anticipate with mastery. Your acute awareness of your sensitivity makes you hold the reins of your life firmly and encourages you to free yourself from external influences to express your uniqueness.

Vitality / Temperament: Mysterious, but sensitive!

Wholehearted, stubborn, voluntary, charismatic, you have quite a temperament, but you are also secretive and reserved, you are very difficult to pin down. You like to leave doubt and ambiguity around you, you willingly blur the tracks. Behind your coldness and your sarcasms, you are extremely sensitive, but you internalize your emotions and try to keep control in all circumstances.

Love and emotional relationships: Passion is not everything!

Your sentimental life is complicated. You have difficulty in showing your feelings however intense and possessive. You are jealous, you tend to maintain relations of force with your partners. You like to possess the other, you have intense loves. You may feel frustrated in your sensuality if you feel that you are losing control of your intimacy. Your power lies in this field and, if it is easy for you to conquer, it is much more difficult for you to develop your conquests into lasting happiness...

In the family: Guardian of the family temple!

With your loved ones, you remain secret and often silent. However, you reserve for them points of sharp humor. You protect yours with passion, your home is the sanctuary of your intimacy, you do not wish to mix professional and family life. At home, you take control of your situation, of your environment and you show yourself to be cautious, prudent and discreet. In the event of a problem, a disturbance, you become pessimistic and easily demotivated.

Relationship with money / material goods: You are aiming far, high and hard!

Tenacious, enduring, you have an impressive capacity for work and you invest yourself entirely in everything you undertake, you love a job well done. In your professional life, you are a formidable competitor and an irreplaceable colleague who always gets up after a defeat. You are ambitious, tenacious and a fine strategist who gets what he wants with great discretion.

Socio-professional life: Well placed intuition!

Intuitive, observant and a keen analyst, you easily spot the flaws in any system and are often able to take advantage of them. Inflexible, very demanding with yourself as well as with others, you do not accept mistakes and cannot stand failure. Your investments are as much intuitive as reasoned, you are very strong in management.

Sphere of friendship: An island of your own!

You privilege your thoughts over those of others: in case of conflict, you always argue by logic, even if you sometimes get confused in your best reasoning. If any injustice occurs to you, you become irascible and depressed. You also know how to retaliate aggressively, because you don't accept being sidelined.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

Very ambitious, you know what you want and you are capable of the most formidable stratagems to reach your goals. You have unchanging values, you internalize and withdraw to the point of isolating yourself from others. The issue of finding balanced relationships is central to your life.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

You are bold, intuitive and good at developing ideas that are out of the ordinary. Fiercely independent and a bit mysterious, you do not give yourself up easily and you pursue your path hidden from view.

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