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Introduction: Sometimes sulphurous!

Pisces ascendant Scorpio: You evolve in a world of powerful emotions, of violent feelings which can inspire you as well as destabilize you. You have your own ideas about morality, justice and the rightness of actions. You are very seductive with something disturbing or mysterious. Very secretive, you are hard to pin down and that makes you magnetic.

Strengths of the for Pisces ascendant Scorpio: Clear-sighted and passionate
Weaknesses of the for Pisces ascendant Scorpio: Secret and resentful

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Personality: Magnetic and complex!

You are endowed with a magnetic personality, which remains faithful to its principles, often dictated by a natural intuition which pushes you to seek, to understand in depth human nature. It is in all fields that you can easily use this particular sensitivity. Your potential for creativity is powerful and only requires a push of audacity to emerge freely. The development of your consciousness avoids emotional swamps and encourages you to free yourself from certain influences in order to express your uniqueness.

Vitality / Temperament: An extraordinary lucidity!

Although you are very sensitive and emotional, you don't let anything show about the feelings that agitate you, but your moods are changeable. Intuitive, receptive to people as well as to atmospheres, you feel the thoughts of your interlocutor, you sense the events and you adapt easily. You are very clear-sighted when you don't let your emotions take over.

Love and emotional relationships: Complicated loves!

Impulsive, passionate and wholehearted, you invest yourself fully in everything you undertake, you do nothing in half measures. You are an extremist who loves or hates without nuance. Your search for strong sensations often pushes you in tormented sentimental stories, marked by ruptures and disillusions. But when you meet the right person, you get attached in a lasting way. It is in a stable and serene relationship that you find your balance.

In the family: A lot of intensity!

You form powerful bonds with those closest to you and it is in the family circle that you seek to stabilize your impulses. The relationships you have with your loved ones are powerful and you need to feel supported and encouraged by your family. You sense what is being hidden from you, and you are able to penetrate mysteries and people. You need to get answers and you often take circuitous routes to the truth and the absolute.

Relationship with money / material goods: Investigator, researcher, discoverer!

You have an overflowing imagination and you are attracted by art, mysticism, metaphysics, secret affairs, complicated enterprises. Passionate in search of the absolute, you are an anxious person who asks himself a lot of existential questions. Often on edge, you live the slightest annoyance as an aggression, you do not fail to be incisive if one annoys you or if one steps on your ground, but you never let yourself be defeated.

Socio-professional life: Original and very intuitive investments!

You have a lot of flair, you often take advantage of good deals or beautiful meetings. You don't trust easily, you don't let yourself be influenced by others and you take your time to analyze, dissect and understand before committing yourself. Of an idealistic nature, you often evolve off the beaten track with the need to escape monotony and to differentiate yourself from others.

Sphere of friendship: Loving friendships!

Living balanced relationships requires you to keep one foot in practical reality without abandoning your inner life, which is so intense and essential to your development. You are magnetic, and your ability to hold the attention of others is very useful in your friendships. You like to talk about deep and varied subjects with your friends or your family. Passion allows you to have intense adventures, but it is maturity that gives you access to lasting friendships.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

You carry values that are intangible, which can lead you to isolate yourself too much or make you too selective and, thus, cut you off from a social life that is nevertheless indispensable. You have character, a sense of responsibility and you constantly seek to surpass yourself.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

You like peace, stability, fidelity. Your relationships are based on serene and warm exchanges, but you are cautious, even distrustful at the beginning. You observe the behavior before accepting to be under the charm, but, once seduced, you become possessive or exclusive.

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