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Introduction: A bit of a guru!

Scorpio ascendant Scorpio: You need to feel you exist, to live everything to the extreme, with passion and intensity. You are very competitive, confrontations, fights, challenges stimulate you, you constantly seek to exceed your limits. You are very secretive and this makes you magnetic, you exert a real influence on those around you. The others have no secret for you, you detect what is repressed, hidden, the unspoken, the false pretenses.

Strengths of the for Scorpio ascendant Scorpio: Generous and passionate
Weaknesses of the for Scorpio ascendant Scorpio: Demanding and self-centered

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Personality: Permanent intensity !

You have a whole personality, open to the outside world, but who likes to lead a meaningful life. Trials are opportunities for inner enrichment, as they allow you to expand your understanding beyond appearances and to anticipate the future with greater clarity. Despite your keen sensitivity, you have a compelling need to hold the reins of your life firmly and you yearn to free yourself from influences to achieve this and to express your uniqueness.

Vitality / Temperament: From crisis to denouement!

You have a painful temperament, attracted by crisis situations. This can give you an intense and rich life, but it also generates perversion. You are a relentless seeker, both at work and in your intimacy, you only let go when you have found it. This can be an asset, but you will have to learn over time to channel your powerful energies and not let your emotions overwhelm you through better self-knowledge. Without this, you can become destructive and self-destructive.

Love and emotional relationships: Maelstrom of passions!

You have a sentimental life tortured by harmful passions, but you evolve positively if you manage to love and be loved by a healthy person. Your torrid sensuality has a hard time finding suitable partners, which can bring you a lot of frustration. In love, your feelings are very intense and you tend to be possessive and jealous. Subject to doubts and questioning, you need an understanding partner who will be able to reassure and structure you.

In the family: A bit bohemian!

You have intangible values, which may cause you to marginalize yourself through fanatical idealism or to isolate yourself from others. The question will be to find fair relationships in your life. You do not live like everyone else and you are proud of it, your home is often born by surprise, on an unexpected occasion, even a whim. Your version of everyday life is rather original and your very personal tendencies color the lives of those around you who can hardly count on strict schedules, but for whom you nevertheless lay down sometimes strict rules.

Relationship with money / material goods: Respectable and strategic!

You seek responsibilities, your natural authority pushes you to easily obtain a position of power. You need to be respected in your social life. You hide a lot and tend to manipulate for your own gain. Those around you find you captivating, witty and full of good advice, and it is probably in your professional life that you are most adept.

Socio-professional life: Some carelessness!

You are generous and big on money, which can sometimes lead to unpleasant surprises or suspicious maneuvers to bail you out. You are more of a spender than an investor and you need to control yourself so that your powerful emotions don't spill over into your budget.

Sphere of friendship: Faithful friend, but sometimes hard!

You open up easily to others, however you remain defensive and are very selective in your friendships. But once you give your trust, it is total. In groups, your behavior is obstinate, authoritarian, sometimes envious, even mean when you get angry. Fortunately, you have common sense, you remain attached to simple pleasures and you love life.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

Self-expression is essential for you and you assert your personality with force, showing yourself as you are. With your natural leadership qualities, you strive for the top spot and want to be recognized in society. You like to lead others and exercise authority.

Your sun and ascendant are in conjunction

You like obstacles as long as they motivate your fighting spirit, but if they become too numerous or repeated, you will tend to rebel and, in some cases, become violent. There is something of the warrior in you, in your taste for challenge and conquest and a certain weakness towards flatterers who admire your power of action.

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