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Introduction: Multiple states of mind!

Taurus ascendant Scorpio: It is often said that you have quite a character! Willing, passionate, sensual, a little manipulative and of a resistance to any test, you go from intense emotions to insane greed while passing by long term works, investments sometimes occult, always juicy and loves overflowing of sensuality, with a touch of possessiveness or jealousy... Beware of an excess of intolerance or devastating anger.

Strengths of the for Taurus ascendant Scorpio: Sensual and hardworking
Weaknesses of the for Taurus ascendant Scorpio: Suspicious and demanding

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Personality: Hard to pin down!

Endowed with a mysterious, magnetic, intense personality, you are charismatic and you exert a strong ascendancy over others. But you lack tolerance and flexibility in your relationships and you must learn to channel your powerful energies if you want to attract more sympathy.

Vitality / Temperament: A special charisma!

Very intuitive, you feel the end of all things and this often taints your joys with anguish despite your passion for life. Your character is dominated by a powerful instinct that you try to master. You have a whole personality which advances in life by successive stages, but well divided. Your statements are without appeal, you decide without difficulty the most complex questions.

Love and emotional relationships: Not simple loves!

Your love path is complicated, tortuous. You are possessive, demanding, you do not make any concession and you can take time to stabilize yourself in love. But once committed, you are faithful, devoted, you show an overflowing sensuality, passionate. You prefer complicated loves to lukewarm ones.

In the family: Not easy to live with!

Life encourages you to develop your sense of nuance in order to enter into the complexities of family life, which will bring you much needed inner peace. It is out of the question for you not to live your dreams and you want to share them with your loved ones. This configuration gives you an absolute, proud and passionate side where half-tones are excluded. Transgressing in this area means denying your desires, which you consider unacceptable. However, you will learn tolerance and flexibility thanks to your children.

Relationship with money / material goods: A very good investor!

Everything that is in the realm of the hidden awakens your imagination, you love treasures, you are very good at investing in the fields that fascinate you and you devote yourself to your professional life, you work hard. When it comes to finances, you are possessive and sometimes envious, but you are also intuitive and clever.

Socio-professional life: Nothing stops you!

You have an incredible capacity for work and achievement. Ambitious, combative, tenacious to the point of stubbornness, you follow through on your goals, letting nothing and no one stand in your way. Enterprising, courageous, working hard and taking responsibility does not scare you.

Sphere of friendship: A frank and faithful friend!

You are a bon vivant who doesn't deny yourself any of life's pleasures, especially if the people you like join you in enjoying them too. You always keep a little bit of mystery, but you are loyal to your friends, honest and sincere, even if you don't necessarily talk much...

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

It is by surrounding yourself with dynamic Fire or inventive Air people that you can best bring to your home the spark of fantasy that you lack at the beginning. You have an excellent intuition, you have all the assets in hand to succeed in an enterprise.

Your sun and ascendant are in opposition

You feel at times that you don't have much power over your life. You look for yourself through the point of view and the opinion of others, the risk being that some ill-intentioned people realize this and try to take advantage of it, to have some control over you.

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