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Which behaviors to avoid at work

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We are what we are but in the professional, proper world we must respect a certain number of rules and avoid an anthology of conduct that could harm us more or less in the long term. If there is an expectation of us based on our results, so too is there on the behavioral level. Let us observe together these psychological tics that characterize the astrological signs:


Do Not Go Beyond Measure
Your mania is to think that nobody is bound to the impossible ... and especially not you. So your demanding goals do not scare you because you know your temperament, and no matter what the use of certain means, even an awkwardly elephantine way of behaving, you will reach your goal. Rather than being hungry for some form of social success, sometimes take the time to stop and listen to the voice of reason.


Act at the Right Moment
It can be hard to get started by weighing the pros and cons. And yet we must pass the cap of inertia and even beat the iron when it is hot because otherwise you will let the metal cool and in other words miss a great opportunity to act. You have to put some pressure on yourself, especially since once you start, you become fertile and even very inventive, so do not waste your skills.


Focus on One Idea at a Time
You are no stranger to conducting multiple businesses simultaneously. And running several hares at a time might ultimately cause you to let go and generate an unsuccessful productivity. You are endowed with a very creative mind, so try not to polarize it on too many subjects but instead be a little more orderly to accomplish the wonders of which you are largely capable.


Do Not Get Angry
The attitude to adopt is to not to take everything literally and put a little distance between situations and yourself; because your quick-tempered side may be experienced and send particularly offensive signals to those around you. Be more lucid about your changing moods and ban the behavior of boiling over that comes down as quickly once we remove the fire.


See Both Sides of the Coin
You are not one of those who obey easily and servile behaviors signify to you the end of a form of creativity. That's why you do not like receiving orders that are more or less (always in your eyes) letting oneself be used like a doormat. To counterbalance this somewhat simplistic view, you should judge the merit of a hierarchical request and once it is integrated, see things big like you know so well how to do. Orders will then become engines of your success.


Be a Perfectionist But Don't Overdo It
Do not spend too much time on a detail because you are a bit of a buff at splitting hairs and this can handicap you in the long run. Of course you are a perfectionist but aiming for the end of the end can quickly become unhealthy, it would be like trying to wash whiter than white, which is vain. Perhaps the best of the best would be to find in you the mental images that bound your horizon. That done, you will become the best in your field.


Stand and Face It
You are all about the peace and harmony of hearts, so you sometimes fear to extend relations when necessary to break the abscess. Some people do not want you to be good and you may have trouble consciously integrating this state of affairs. Open your eyes, take your courage with both hands and provoke a diplomatic head to head with the one who poses problems and expose your dispute.


Become a Social Animal
Your antisocial side can lead you to protect yourself seriously from contacts with others but also because of the fear that your emotional intensity becomes a factor of trouble. You should have more confidence in yourself and take care of your inner being. Be more optimistic and keep a cool head, the world will not crumble because your thoughts are a bit anxious. A stressed person needs to make the world more orderly and predictable, so work towards it.


Accept the Limits
With your innate emancipation, you tend to act freely without taking into account the schedules and rules that shape the organized life of the workforce. Freeing yourself from any subjugation is written into your DNA, however, try to stay within the boundaries drawn by the company as much as possible. If you feel too cramped, you may not be in the right place; reconversion opportunities are always possible.


Go Beyond Your Principles
You must learn to question yourself and not think you are always right. Be less focused on your achievements and more open to change and newness. More affectivity and less cartesian logic will bring relaxation and calm. It will open you to a happier, less planned sphere. Going to the unknown is often a source of fulfillment if you want to play the game well.


Be Orderly
You have this annoying habit of having a messy office and besides, astonishingly, you always find yourself right in the middle of your mountain of files and personal belongings. You should have less unnecessary trinkets so that pens, notebooks and scissors, in short, everything that makes a desk recognizable by your colleagues and especially your hierarchy is visible. To care for your office is also to heal your image, and in a microsociety like that of the work, it is necessary.


Understand Your Ambitions
You must manifest when it makes sense. Do not stay in your corner to perform the work entrusted to you all withdrawn, you have deep desires for evolution. Your bad habit of working without fanfare will not alert anyone about your needs to explore new horizons. Get motivated and make an appointment with your boss to talk about your future promotion.

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