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Introduction: Everything for and through others!

Libra ascendant Aries: Your universe is the Other. You live only through your affections, with a deep desire for union. As a result, it is very easy to seduce you, because you are impulsive in your choices or you balance between haste and indecision. In any case, it is the open door to mistakes. But you live alone with difficulty, you need others to exist, so your work also depends a lot on your associations.

Strengths of the for Libra ascendant Aries: Diplomat and go-getter
Weaknesses of the for Libra ascendant Aries: Impulsive and dependent

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Personality: Merry funny man!

Deeply human, relationships, feelings, loves hold a great place in your life, even if you always try to preserve your autonomy. Good-natured, extroverted, warm, full of humor, you are a great communicator and your company is much sought after. Very spontaneous, you enjoy life day by day and your behavior is devoid of any calculation. That said, you also lack rigor and constancy, you sometimes abandon projects regularly. In your emotional life, you change your mind like your shirt and you often need advice to make choices.

Vitality / Temperament: Learn to be autonomous!

You cannot live without love, you need to give. Your life experience pushes you to develop your compassion, your field of understanding to evolve according to your own conceptions. Problems in your relationship will have to be overcome in order to live the spirituality that is within you. You are often in a good mood and you like to charm those around you. You are rather dynamic and you manage very well to install a pleasant atmosphere by your simple presence.

Love and emotional relationships: In search of the impossible!

Passionate, impulsive, you get carried away easily and you sometimes find yourself, through lack of reflection, in situations that give rise to hesitation and doubt. Aspiring as much to stability as to renewal, to passion, you are not always easy to follow. You can't stand being alone, love is a driving force for you. In couple, you aspire to balance and harmony while fleeing monotony and habits. You are anxious about break-ups, you cannot bear to be hurt.

In the family: Patriarch with a tender heart!

You invite those you love to share the comforts of your home, spend a lot of time cooking, decorating your home and teaching your values. You are concerned about family responsibilities and you don't hesitate to gather your loved ones to discuss important issues. You want to hear everyone's opinion before making decisions. However, your moods are changeable and you can be as irascible as jovial depending on the circumstances.

Relationship with money / material goods: A bit cyclothymic!

Professionally, you are good at motivating others and are a team player. You are an excellent negotiator, persuasive and diplomatic. Both firm and adaptable, you are able to easily convince and convey your many ideas and projects. You have a cool head that is a real asset in avoiding work-related tension. Unfortunately, you are not very optimistic and you frequently need solitude, so you maintain rather cold and distant relationships with your colleagues. You would make a very good architect, civil servant or banker.

Socio-professional life: Impulsive and changeable!

You have a tendency to accumulate and rarely leave your possessions. You have a constant need for comfort and security. You are rather thrifty for the sake of security, but that doesn't stop you from occasionally buying something expensive on impulse, usually for someone other than yourself. Your generosity is immense and poorly controlled...

Sphere of friendship: A little rough around the edges!

You have an intense need for expression which is combined with an equally intense need for exchange and sociability with others. You know how to be forgiven even though you tend to provoke controversy. Your relational sense will, throughout your life, sharpen towards more nuances. Your path in life lies in perfecting yourself, you need to assert yourself while finding yourself in harmony with others.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in a Fire sign

You bloom by developing your intellectual and relational faculties. To affirm yourself, you have no choice but to multiply your relationships with others. However, things are not necessarily so simple and easy: indeed, your will to shine in the eyes of the others can sometimes hide a fear of loneliness and a lack of confidence in you.

Your sun and ascendant are in opposition

You have a very positive energy in the emotional field and do your best to make your relationships a success. However, your quarrelsome and dominant side can play tricks on you. Indeed, you like to take the ascendancy on your entourage and you use your natural authority not to be the dominated one, but the leader.

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