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Selfie: reflection of your personality

Written by Olivia

You don't need to be Rihanna or Kim Kardashian to take your own selfie. And, whether you like it or not, you'll have to get there: it's impossible to pass up a selfie! Even authors are shocked that no one asks for an autograph anymore - they want a selfie to put on all the social media networks. What exactly do these pics taken with your smartphone reveal about you? Each sign has their own way of going about it:


The ideal selfie is the one that comes right after a victory in a hockey match or the one that shows your excited and exhilarated face before taking the leap and going bungee jumping. These are the occasions that define who you are, full of courage, strength, and willpower, as long as you are looking your best when the pic is taken, showing your noble side, and not when you have just suffered a crushing defeat.


Food selfie
You are a big foodie and have fun drawing your own portrait in your chocolate mousse as your form of selfie and will be applauded online for your creativity. Or, if you want to be less original, you will take your selfie during a meal at a restaurant with friends. You are, after all, just a stomach with legs, and eating is a sign of good health, as you keep repeating...


One selfie after another
You will spare no effort snapping away and taking as many pics as possible with as many expressions as possible. Each photo will show a different personality. Lively, grumpy, playful, on the move, stock still, happy, sad - don't wear yourself out nervously and know when to stop and where to set a limit. Afterwards, you will delete the ones that don't look good and keep the ones that reflect your best side! But which one is that?


Family selfie
Your selfie will have your whole family or there won't be one at all. You will pose surrounded by your children, and parents too, everyone positioned around grandma, who will be beaming from ear to ear. So much for rebellious trend of posing all alone. But, you can always create a funny scenario, where the baby will be hanging on a clothes line, for example, and here, you will make the best selfie in the world.


Work on your look
You'll work on your outfit before getting down to work; obviously, in the middle of a party at your house, you won't slip into your comfy pajamas, since you have a reputation for good looks to see after that it would be best not to ruin with one bad photo. You will be looking your best and will put your best foot forward, put on your toothpaste ad smile, and bam - your selfie is in the bag and on the web.


Aim for perfection
Few things escape us and everything must be examined and scrutinized for our meticulous and demanding minds, so you don't need that old smartphone - you will ask for a million-megapixel phone for taking a selfie that is as clean and precise as your thought itself. You will be centered, your skin squeaky clean, and you will stand out from the background with grace and beauty. Watch out: you aren't here to make friends, but to take the perfect selfie.


Most important: seduction
You will wrack your brains trying to get the best angle, the best lighting, the perfect time of day, and getting the frame just right, since you are not exactly a model of elegance, you'd better put it off until later. You'll try to avoid taking the shot from too high, so that you're face doesn't look too harsh or sharp, nor too low, so that you don't show off your double chin. But, if you agonize over the angle too much, your selfie could take longer than a masterpiece by Picasso.


Suspicious selfie
There is no one more wary than you, which is why your motto is "A quiet life is a good life". Who will really see your pic anyway? Could your employer stumble upon it? You don't do just anything, then, and will try to throw people off by striking a more classic pose, perhaps even a frozen one, under low light to avoid being identified too easily. It almost goes without saying, but shadows please you best.


Decor first
For your selfie, you will see to it that you position yourself in an exotic or foreign decor that will be hard to recognize at first to show that you are an adventurer in case someone still doesn't get it. In New York, you'll make sure a famous structure, like the Empire State Building, is in the background; in Egypt, it will be the Great Pyramids. You might keep going on until you circle the globe just so you can keep taking some knockout selfies around the world!


One selfie for life
Your selfies are few and far between. One one hand you are not especially in love with yourself, and, furthermore, you like things to be perfect. So, you don't often have you finger on the button, since current, flashy effects don't do much for you, but especially when they appear on people who are full of themselves. There are plenty of reasons to avoid selfies, so you will take one, and only one, for all of your life.


Have some technique
You are a fan of technology and will take a selfie with the sole goal in mind of touching it up - not to make yourself look better but just fiddle around with technology. You will upload your photo, click a few buttons after figuring out how they work, and - bam! - you'll have modified your pic for the sake of art, giving it a bizarre filter or an out-of-this-world color. In the end, you might be totally unrecognizable, but that's the point! You are, after all, known for your originality.


Filter in a good ambiance
What attracts you above all else about selfies are the filters you add to make your surroundings look particularly nice. If you are at the beach, you will accentuate the bright and flashy side to give your pic a "washed out" look. If you are with family, you won't forget to add a vintage Polaroid look that will give it a nostalgic feel. Nothing nicer than that! For you, everything is about chemistry and mood for you, so there's no need, thanks to your smartphone, to deprive yourself...

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