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Self-care tips!

Written by Mary

Self-care has become a real challenge in this world we live in. Constant sources of stimulation trap and drain us. To start pulling back the veil of illusion that surrounds us, we will have to take time to throw our entire being into ... ourselves! This doesn't mean being egotistical (ego) but rather focusing in a loving manner on ourselves (soul). This way, we can aim for a type of simplicity that leads directly back to ourselves and therefore allows us to feel comfortable in our own skin, mind, and relationships. What does this mean for the signs of the zodiac?


Regain your vital energy
How does one practice self-care? Recognize that you are a free, unbounded being. If you could just fly away, you would be in heaven. In any tense situation you might find yourself in, there is a little bird inside you who only needs your gentle nudging to spread its wings and take flight. Plan a trip to an exotic milieu where you can get back in touch with your inner vision, where life is all about going higher and farther.


Focus on what is essential
Meditating means thinking clearly and deeply and is exactly what you need to calm down and make your mind more flexible. So give yourself as much time as you may need after reading or seeing a show to savor it, size it up, and ruminate, turning every aspect over and over again in your mind. Sometimes, all you need is a single thought to change your entire life.


Resonate with your inner self
Your recipe for well-being: sing, sing, sing to get yourself in tune. You might take a throat singing class to help you awaken your emotions, internal warmth, and ability to live intelligently with yourself. At any given moment, you might pick up on your own peculiarities and trouble spots by getting in touch with yourself. One theory even asserts that the pyramids could not have been built if those building it hadn't sung.


Communicate clearly and plainly
To care for yourself, you need your loved ones and your friends, to read their emotions and dialog clandestinely with them. You can simply sit down and hear another person out without obstructing their speech, their music, or their light, as wrapped up in listening as you can get. There is no violinist, nor musician, nor archer, nor sheet music, but everything is there, as one, and it is up to you to simply enjoy it and reach out. You are a repository for others and honor your own little world.


Let your light shine
Being happy and letting your light shine is the best you could wish for! Your smile is your guiding star, and when you are around, it's all anyone can see, like the Cheshire Cat's grin. You have to be touched emotionally for it to come out and spread its happiness. This bubbling happiness within you offers everyone a chance for joy and awakening.


Take care of yourself
No one knows better than you that energy returns when you prioritize your health and emotional well-being. Self-care means going to a nutritionist or dermatologist to help you unburden your mind of worry. You might even hit upon a few herbal teas in an organic food shop or start going to the gym. It's not easy to change, but avoid forcing it, going too far, or extreme rationalization. Try more to feel than to dissect or constantly analyze.


Turn your life into a romance
What you need are grand gestures, a facial, meticulous cleaning, and a gentle exfoliation. You will come out totally relaxed and ready to throw yourself into your relationship. Nothing, after all, is more important to you than existing through a partnership, whether professional or romantic, using it as a reflection, as proof of your existence. This is how you get to know yourself, discover yourself, and feel at ease in your own skin.


Nothing like a crisis to recharge
There's no such thing as half measures with you - it's all or nothing. Why not admit right off the bat that you are lost so that you can rebuild your life based on this fact? For you, an approaching disaster has always roused your compassion. You like a good crisis to help you rediscover your lost paradise like when you were young, when borders didn't exist. A good, full-body massage will put you back in a state of grace and make you shine.


Push aside the useless and wait for the best
Put aside the little nothings that don't really matter: the hitches, snags in your day, the key that won't turn in the lock, a hair that sticks out sideways - enough of all that! Asking yourself the right questions would be good for living your ideal life. Taking care of yourself means asking just the right questions. Who am I? What direction is my life headed in? Is there any real meaning to it? Start thinking for yourself, accumulating more perspectives and adding more depth to your wonderful existence.


Look at the whole picture
Taking care of yourself means not ignoring your desires. You are a being of desire who is driven by desire itself! You are someone who burns inside for love, beauty, studies, meditative isolation, and for meeting new people, too. It is necessary for you not to miss out on meeting exceptional people, to not shy away from them, as they might just turn out to be fulfilling and important. When it comes down to it, the absolute reigns over your life, which is rare for these times.


Enhance your skills
To you, there's nothing like knowledge, the cutting edge, and progress. To really feel at the top of your game, you can't feel like you are dealing with the prehistory of human thought. Even if you have attained a respectable level of knowledge, it is important to you to offer it up to as many people as possible and not to keep it to yourself. You need to be moving forward, developing your knowledge in science or the humanities, which is an absolute imperative for the world to keep spinning, at the height of its intelligence and at the same time, for you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Taking care of yourself means just maintaining your inner revolution!


Idealize the world
Taking care of yourself means maintaining your sensitive disposition with others emotionally. You can't help but fall into another person's gaze, since you see the person inside, coming at you with a torch. This is just how you are and see within everyone's heart a great, endless vastness. You might be too much of a "sponge", but everyone knows that the world would be uglier without you.


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