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How to combat procrastination

Written by Mary

Coming from the Latin "pro", meaning "forward; until" and "crastinus", meaning "belonging to tomorrow", procrastinating is more and more recognized as a paralyzing disorder. Despite this current trend, putting off until tomorrow what you could accomplish today isn't taboo for everyone. Take a look with us at what signs are most susceptible to fall into the trap of procrastination and which are skilled at dodging it.


Change nothing
You know yourself well enough to know where you stand and what you have to set in motion in order to evolve. You schedule procrastination in during your vacations so that you can recharge your batteries and get back to whatever it was you were doing. You know how to make decisions quickly and take right away thanks to your idle lazy while on vacation, when you tap into all the energy that you need to nourish your creative energies. This just might be your obvious, yet unconscious, methodical side at it again.


Shake up your whole being
You aren't Taurus for nothing: you know that your actions can influence the course of your fate, and so you are active, productive, and like to roll up your sleeves and get down to work to stand out from the mere mortals around you. That being said, you still have to leap into action at some point, and this could take well too long... In the meantime, nothing is getting done, your finances are in a poor state, and the mess in your home only reflects your own inner disorder. One thing you can do is refocus on reality and break away from distractions that sap your attention and energy, like television. Move your body, exercise, and you will regain your dynamic energy.


Gather the right information
You tend to find any excuse to do the absolute minimum, hidden away in your shell, victim of procrastination. You put your ambitions on hold, letting them float and drift, but not too far, so that you don't guilt yourself too much. You have a solid head on your shoulders, though, and can waken yourself from this slumber and realize that your constant deferments only lead to depression. For your own health, you, who loves so much gather new information, should pick up a book of wise advice that will break you out of this vicious cycle.


Surround yourself with loved ones
Don't let life's little ups and downs get the best of you. Your repressed, internalized anger can block your energies and cause even more problems. Whatever comes out of you returns in one form or another. Look at your life from a different perspective and enjoy your positive, creative emotions. By taking part in family life, you will loosen up, get "unstuck" and think about doing things you couldn't have even thought about before. For you, getting back to your roots is as necessary as breathing itself, giving you energy and strength to move mountains.


Cut laziness out
Laziness can grow strong if someone doesn't hold your feet to the fire. If there is no need to act, you won't see a reason to get anything done, though this can lead to frustration for you, as full of unrealized dreams as your head is. What if you got a kitchen timer? Instead of using it to figure out how long your eggs have to cook, use it to measure the length of your work sessions - only 15 or 30 minutes at a time, for example - and do the same for any breaks you take. If so, you will have discovered a more constructive and productive approach that measures your gradual progress over time.


Step up
If you keep only dreaming about your plans and putting your business ideas off, you won't get anywhere (and fast) and will fail to boost your income like you've been hoping for. If you think tomorrow would be better, it's a figment of your imagination. Your bosses will need to rely on you to step up and start more training that will have to be decided on quickly, and perhaps with the support of your superiors, which would motivate you even more.


Bring balance to your couple
It can terrify you at times to have to be responsible for your own life, which can make you give up on good resolutions. Procrastinating is an unconscious, and turbulent, message you send to life to let it know that you won't do things alone. You need to be backed and supported by other or at least accompanied. Life is all about exchanging energies with your partner, and this is what brings you into balance. So find a solution to your loneliness and you will immediately regain control of your life.


Overcome your fears
By digging into the subject at hand, you will come to realize that if you have trouble arriving at a decision, it is because you find it hard to admit when things are over and that we are all in the same boat. Your anxiety of disappearing must be overcome, your consciousness raised. The way you move forward is a source of conflict in your life because you manipulate even yourself. Agree to realize that life is ever moving and without end, like a river of fire that leaves upon its shores the ashes of the past. Move forward gently and peacefully!


Reward yourself
One good way to overcome procrastination is to make it up to yourself once you've finished whatever it is you have to do. This will prevent you from unconsciously getting in your own way and will make you focus more on what you stand to gain after. This is all your forward-looking nature needs to position yourself on the starting block and get off to a good start.


Recapture the positive
To break free from the bonds that are holding you back, you will have to stop seeing only the bad around you. You can supply yourself with the means you need to succeed at whatever you do if you set goals for yourself, especially ones that you have already reached in the past. Recall those moments when you got results and try to regain that same inner peace that naturally pushes you toward your objectives without asking too many questions that stop you from getting started. A new thought can sometimes lead to a new way of acting!


Break things up
The best way to leave this standstill is to get yourself organized so that you can take the leap into action. Write up a to-do list for the day and chop each task up into little 30-second mini tasks, then 1 minute, then 1 and half minutes, etc., etc. To get to a meeting, you first have to put on your coat, then your shoes, then get out the door and so on. By moving forward one thing at a time like this, you will make bigger and bigger strides toward your goals.


Imagine in your head
After you procrastinate, you want to throw yourself in head first, but don't team up with just anybody just to get something - anything - done. If you have to accomplish a specific task, give yourself some time to daydream beforehand. Take time to meditate on the ins and outs, ups and downs of the situation and visualize what might result from it. The more you immerse yourself in the action to be done, the quicker you will get into peak condition and the quicker you will get underway.


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