Saturn enters in Aries

Written by Mary

Saturn indicates the limits. He is the master of Capricorn. It takes about thirty years to go around the zodiac, and thus he remains two to three years in each sign. Saturn induces restraints, constraints, and latent pessimism but also rigour, self-control and stability.

Saturn in Aries is in fall, i.e. in a sign whose energies do not correspond to him. Saturn is the planet of austerity. Discipline and reflection are found in a sign that is impulsive, reckless, and inconsiderate. At best, Saturn will slow down the vital momentum of Aries a little and maintain authority. But impulses are likely to be suppressed. It will be necessary, in the coming years, to act wisely, slowly but surely.

This transit is more favourable to the individual and even egocentric decisions than to a real humanism. Independence, however, is nuanced by rigour, logic, and realism.


Saturn evolves in your home for two and a half years and submits to a certain rigor, a discipline to which you are not necessarily prepared but he also gives you a strong will, more tenacity and a stronger taste for solid construction.


Saturn enters Aries and probably encourages you to make a meditative retreat before new adventures.


Saturn enters Aries and this should allow for new, faithful and stable friends in the following years.


Saturn enters Aries and risks creating a climate of deprivation, frustration or pessimism. Pay attention to your finances during this time.


Saturn enters Aries and begins a new cycle of 7 years that brings you to many sudden but very positive changes, especially in the area of your social life.


Saturn enters Aries and risks creating a climate of loneliness, frustration or pessimism. Pay attention to your morale during this period.


Saturn enters Aries and will make the atmosphere for your contractual relationships, like marriage, much more demanding, sometimes frustrating but always constructive ...


Saturn comes into Aries and should encourage you to better organize your daily life, by reorganizing your schedules, your movements or the layout of your workplace.


Saturn enters Aries and will bring you some new responsibilities that are as rewarding as they are energizing.


Saturn enters Aries and emphasizes the personal expectations of each, in the face of their responsibilities.


Saturn enters Aries and stabilizes your immediate environment in a pleasant atmosphere of solidarity and camaraderie.


Saturn comes into Aries and encourages you to stabilize your finances and be more reasonable, maybe even to save ...

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