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The astrological portrait of Barack Obama

Written by Alison

Barack Obama was born August 4th, 1961 at 7:24pm in Honolulu. He is a Leo with his ascendant in Aquarius.
This does indeed look to be an excellent configuration for attaining a powerful position. Leo's imposing presence, their skill at organizing, uniting, and awakening the power within individuals, as well as their other talents, are positively strengthened by having an ascendant whose motivations are humanitarian and world-encompassing. Jupiter in transit in his Natal Moon in the Constellation of Gemini, and Jupiter in sextile with his Sun, were excellent indicators that he would succeed in his second run for office on November 7th, 2012.

Barack is a man who is, before all else, well organized. With his sun (and Mercury) in the 6th House, he feels fulfilled when his plans are clear, his meetings orderly, and the management efficient.

His moon being in Gemini means that he is a critical-thinking and lucid intellectual. He possesses a special gift for any form of communication. This is easy to see in the mastery he has in using his social networks and mass emails to make people feel like he's talking directly and only to them. This illustrates very well the harmony between his Aquarius-moon in Gemini. In relations with the public, he knows how to be gentle, caring, attentive, and understanding. He has a quick wit, knows how to give as good as he gets, and is quite capable of even making fun of himself. This doesn't mean he isn't attached to family values or material possessions, however.

Mercury in Leo makes him a brilliant talker who is drawn to lofty ideas and out-of-the-ordinary expressions. He takes a global view on problems and ideals alike. He is a sociable man who knows how to express his intentions clearly, unambiguously, and with a certain contagious enthusiasm. He possesses all the authority he needs to order, direct, and govern. Intellectually, he has the upper hand over those he speaks with. He can be a little moralistic, very principled, and likes having the last word. He can't stand having his good faith, loyalty, or intellectual honesty become suspect.

Venus in Cancer makes him a family man who is very involved in his daughters' upbringing. Actually, it is probably with his children that he feels most comfortable. He has the ability to get down on their level, to understand their worries and feelings, no matter how infantile they may be. He must have been an excellent constitutional law professor since he has a strong predisposition towards teaching.

In his relationship, he is very sweet, romantic, even a little emotionally dependent. But, this is simply the chart of a naturally faithful man, ferociously attached to those he loves and considers his own.

Mars in Virgo tempers what in his chart could be explosive in his chart. Barack's initiatives are careful and calculated, and he doesn't neglect a single detail before taking action. As such, he won't be the greatest revolutionary of the 21st century, but he is very gifted in handling daily matters and has a knack for damage control. He doesn't make anything up. He manages organizes, coordinates - he does anything he can to avoid unpredictable situations.

His wife, Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was born January 17th, 1964 and is a Capricorn. Without the hour of her birth, we cannot know her ascendant sign. She is a strong, willful, serious, and ferociously independent woman. Her moon in Aquarius is a great complement to Baracks's: their reactions are in harmony, and they must have very enriching intellectual conversations.

She's a fighter and a reliable worker. This chart can be a bit cold in how it reacts to things, its strict manner of thinking and fanatic obsession with autonomy, but Venus in Pisces fits great with Barack's Venus, suggesting a long-lasting, powerful relationship.

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