Fixed mode in Astrology.

Written by Alison

The fixed signs occur in the middle of the season, when it is established, mature and blossoming. In the same way, people born under these signs have a firm and sometimes intractable nature, as they are sure of themselves and show a rigid side to their behaviour. The fixed signs are Taurus in spring, Leo in summer, Scorpio in autumn and Aquarius in winter.

If you were born under a fixed sign, you are loyal, reliable, brave, persevering and hard-working. When you commit to something, you keep your word and accept your responsibilities, but if you are betrayed, you will hold a grudge. This stubbornness is also your weak point, as it hinders your breadth of vision. You find it hard to adapt and this rigid approach can cause problems in both your private and social life. Try to be more flexible in your opinions and accept the need to mingle with other communities, new outlooks and less familiar environments ...

Those born under fixed signs take concrete action with a specific direction, so it can be difficult to stop them in their tracks or divert them elsewhere. They lack the skill to express their creative flair, which is much better suited to those born under cardinal signs. This is why these two kinds of people will instinctively combine their talents, with a view to making constant and regular progress.

Those born under fixed signs are obstinate and never let go. They rarely backtrack for a variety of reasons:
- Taureans are incapable of changing their way of thinking. Adopting a different opinion for them will be a long and arduous job. They set themselves a material target, with a need to possess things. They are stubborn, but very consistent in the pursuit of their goals.
- Leos suffer from a sense of pride and misplaced arrogance. They feel they are demeaning themselves if they admit to mistakes. They are consistent in their enthusiasm, ardour and authority. They have great physical and mental energy and are very organised.
- Scorpios have a thirst for power over others. To admit they are wrong would mean exposing a weakness or a chink in their armour. They are constant in their emotions, showing depth and a strong character. There is nothing lukewarm about them, but their great control of their emotions can make them seem reserved, cold or even cruel.

- Aquarians are intellectually arrogant. Those born under this sign have a tendency to think they have all the answers. They are inflexible in their opinions and sometimes intolerant in intellectual matters. They are often contrary and eccentric, and find it hard to be flexible in their opinions.

If there are too many fixed signs in a personal chart:
This makes for a rigid person, who finds it difficult to open up to others. He/she internalises things too much and is touchy about matters of personal dignity and honour.

If there are too few fixed signs in a personal chart:
This causes problems with stability. This person will spread him/herself too thinly, finding it impossible to build on things and get established.

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