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2020 Horoscope
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Happy with other people
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Love Compatibility of Leo

  Written by Alison

Leo, you are loyal, sincere and passionate, and you can only fall in love with someone you admire for his or her celebrity, strength, beauty, money, or intelligence. However, your immense need to please makes you vulnerable with the dependence it implies and the absolute fidelity it demands from your partner. You envision your relationship in a combination of pride and jealousy.

Find out with what signs the alchemy will be the most perfect and discover what your compatibilities with the other signs are!

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Affinity and love between Leo and Libra
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Tips for love for the Leo and Scorpio couple
Leo - Scorpio: Everyone is proud, stubborn, and aggressive when their feelings are at stake!

Love Compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius
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The relationship between Leo and Capricorn
It's a couple based on loyalty, fidelity, realism, and a taste for lasting love!

Compatibility of Leo in love with the Aquarius sign
Leo-Aquarius duo: each of you is loyal and dynamic in the relationship!

Love Compatibility of Leo with Pisces sign
Pisces Leo: you complete each other rather well with Leo as the protector and sentimental Pisces as they like it!

They work with Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius
They get stuck with Taurus and Scorpio

The Men:
1st decan
This decan often cultivates a feeling of superiority, which makes him seek the ideal partner, corresponding to the idea that he has of his social status. This ambition to appear in no way alters noble, deep, and sincere feelings. He needs rewarding relationship exchanges but can also be generous.
An Aquarius woman will adapt to the expectations of the Leo of the 1st decan, giving her a gratifying social image. She will share with him ideas and concepts for the sake of intellectual honesty.

2nd decan
This decan is a great gentleman. He is generous to the point of dissipation. But he also needs to be the focus in his various relationships. He likes to be loved with enthusiasm. He does not support mediocrity or vulgarity. He is a true Prince charming, warm and grand in his spirit. He just requires recognition.
A Sagittarius woman has all the spontaneity and exuberance that will delight the 2nd decan of Leo. Their combined dynamism and generosity can generate an exceptional home.

3rd decan
It is the most demanding and the most loyal of decans. He generally has great charisma, but he takes his time to choose his partner because he will never change again. He is jealous and exclusive with his emotional relationships, and if he is betrayed, his resentment is eternal. It can even ruin any chance to start a new life.
A Libra woman will be conquered and dazzled by the presence of a Leo of the 3rd decan. She will balance her daily life, admire it, and never start disastrous controversies with him.

The Women:
1st decan
It is a decan without nuance and very elitist. She trusts only a minimal number of people and is very demanding in the choice of her relationships. She needs a man she can be proud of and who never disappoints her. In return, she will offer him her perfect loyalty and unfailing solidarity.
A Sagittarius man will understand the scope of the ideals of a Leo woman of the 1st decan and will encourage her to surpass herself. A great energy will greet this dynamic duo, from all points of view.

2nd decan
This decan needs more than any other to be admired, recognized, flattered, encouraged, and recognized... In fact, this woman does not have that much self-confidence and suffers enormously. She compensates with an imperial attitude and carefully chooses her relationships in the most prestigious setting possible. The more she is satisfied, the more generous she is, and it can go a long way!
A Gemini man in love will have just the necessary delicacy and the flowery language to sing the praises of a female Leo of the 2nd decan. He will be delighted to be rid of the big responsibilities.

3rd decan
She is a self-sufficient woman who gives herself very little. On the other hand, she can listen, advise, and sympathize. She is not looking for a protector but a unique partner for life. Those who manage to live with her intimately will experience a daily life particularly rich in sensations and refinements.
An Aries man, captivated by the listening ability of a Leo woman from the 3rd decan, will be very attentive to protecting this relationship, which he thinks is exceptional.

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