Love Compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius

Written by Alison

Together, you can ignite an inferno of powerful feelings and mutual respect. You find yourself in as much harmony in the management of your love life as you do in your finances or other material assets. It is an excellent mix of positive energies to build, support, and make your relationship last through the years and circumstances.

Love compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius

You are overflowing with enthusiasm and zest for life. Each of you offers your flame to the other to, together, build an inferno. Few problems to watch out for: your compatibility is excellent. Still, come up with some shared goals so that you don't lose each other along the way. You will work wonders in everything you undertake together. It would be a catastrophe for you to become enemies. No compromises to be made here in that case - run!

Compatibility between a Leo woman and a Sagittarius man

Here's a colorful and highly enthusiastic couple! Love will be able to flourish effortlessly between these two. This Lioness and Sagittarius will find both the emotional security and freedom they both need, while remaining in perfect harmony. They are both kind, faithful, imaginative, and sensual. Instinctual as well, they seek stability, security, and certainty. These two will be able to tell each other everything, even their deepest, darkest secrets. It will be a real godsend for them to find each other, and they will have a wonderful romance together. If one of them isn't doing well, the other will know exactly and immediately how to help them find their zest for life once again.

Compatibility between a Leo man and a Sagittarius woman

This will be strong relationship for these two signs. Leo and Sagittarius will live in perfect harmony, full of humor and joy. It will be a godsend for this lion to have such a light-hearted lover, especially as this woman won't have to beg to get what she wants - he senses, guesses, then gives it. This is a strongly passionate and affectionate romance that these two will share together. They won't rely on just looks or gestures to live out their enchanting passion! All lady Sagittarius will have to do to have a passionate romance is let things fall into place and be willing to leave behind her desire to socialize so that she can get closer to her partner, just the two of them. She won't regret it!

Compatibility between a Leo woman and a Sagittarius woman

Your partner is full of qualities that nicely complement your own. She is very active at moments, and, at others, needs to seek refuge in her den, unarmed. This might annoy or worry you, but no need to doubt whether she is capable of returning to the fray. It's just that she can't stay constantly under the same pressure, unlike you, who is much more active. Be patient, warm, and ready to listen - but don't this be a one-way street. Let yourself be sensitive, too, and let your imagination run wild. It'll charm this Lioness, who sometimes needs to just love you without first winning a challenge.

Compatibility between a Leo man and a Sagittarius man

You understand each other without a problem, and push each other forward, towards better things, towards challenges and real, tangible success. You have much to learn from each other, and can be each other's driving force. In the same vein, you will have no trouble taking care of each other and expanding your mind... You are, in the end, very well prepared for growing together in harmony over the long-term and for staying in touch the whole time without losing each other, like some old couples do. However, Leo does lack flexibility, and Sagittarius lacks organizational skills. This is an excellent cross of positive energies that can construct and maintain a relationship, making it last for years, no matter the circumstances.


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