The relationship between Leo and Capricorn

Written by Alison

You have common values ??that revolve around loyalty, fidelity, realism and the taste for lasting love. But Capricorn is reserved and sometimes distant. They are not the kind for grand romantic gestures, they love deeply but soberly. If Leo is too bossy or Capricorn is too rigid, it can happen that one resents the feelings of the other.

Love compatibility between Leo and Capricorn

You aren't alike, and yet you share ambition, willpower, and courage. You have different temperaments, but with a few compromises, things should work out. Leo needs to allow Capricorn's silences, while Capricorn would do best to follow their lion. Together, you can accomplish great things and enrich each other materially and emotionally. It's worth a shot!

Compatibility between a Leo woman and a Capricorn man

This relationship will offer the man the light-heartedness he needs, yet without blocking his own deep, ambitious, and very realistic nature. The Lioness will find here a partner worthy of the name, who is entirely capable of satisfying her through following the diligence applies to realizing his ambitions, as well as their common goals. He will remain calm when she gets annoyed, and she will remain enthusiastic when he points out problems. Because of this, they will both be able to go after their goals without ceding to the other. Sagittarius' often excessive pessimism will no longer show up to ruin his life - his Lioness won't allow it! She will skillfully intercede to stop it in its tracks!

Compatibility between a Leo man and a Capricorn woman

This will be a very powerful relationship for these two signs. Both attracted to one another, they will share everything in their relationship. Lady Capricorn will do everything within her power to "domesticate" her lion, to shape him in her image and drive him mad with love for her! She will be won over by this partner with such grandiose ambitions; and he will be happy to be able to rely on her to make his wildest dreams a reality! This is an excellent couple to experience true passion! He will find his lady ready fix all his faults so that he will never again feel the humiliation of showing them to anyone else again.

Compatibility between a Leo woman and a Capricorn woman

Dear Capricorn, your partner's noble ideas will always be a great morale booster for you. She gives of herself freely, supports you no matter what, but, on the other hand, neither of you should ever turn your back on your own ambitions. She'll never forgive you if you do! It may be up to you at times as well to get out of the daily routine and surprise by acting on your quirky ideas. In no way will this prevent you from being yourself. Too much seriousness can bring your relationship down. Your partner is sociable, yet loyal, so don't be too possessive over her.

Compatibility between a Leo man and a Capricorn man

You have much to learn, and gain, from one another. Leo shines through their determination, positive thinking, and well-reasoned arguments. Capricorn is good at structure, taking facts into account, and understanding how much time things take - a trustworthy guide for their partner. Leo will, however, have to respect their partner's silence, who isn't always ready to give them the respect and admiration they'd like. Capricorn, on the other hand, would do best to run with their bold, yet thought-out, ideas. This is a very positive combination, good for each person's progress.


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