Compatibility of Leo in love with the Aquarius sign

Written by Alison

Your impulses are wonderfully complementary. Each of you are loyal and dynamic in the relationship, responding with great relevance to the expectations of the other. Your relationship is strong but it is not free of crises, fights, or confrontations. However, you both need it and you love each otherwell beyond your possible spats.

Love compatibility between Leo and Aquarius

You don't share the same temperament but do share the same values: loyalty, enthusiasm, and ambition. Aquarius is more cerebral; Leo more organized. Together, your imagination and enterprising spirit will work wonders. Each one will have to let the other live their life. You both feel a great need for social recognition and freedom, but you are aware of it...

Compatibility between a Leo woman and a Aquarius man

You, Aquarius, will need to be clear-headed and patient in accepting your Lioness' critical eye. Aquarius likes his liberty, intuition, and freedom of thought, while Leo sees only his outside appearance and is easily, and scathingly, critical. Both of these two will have to change their behavior for a kind and idyllic relationship to take form. No more living beside one another; each of you must find a form for your relationship where both can express themselves and be fulfilled. This Lioness' carefree spirit is a fault that makes her man feel needed, even if he gripes from time to time...

Compatibility between a Leo man and a Aquarius woman

This lion's quest for love is so complicated that he will have trouble getting into Aquarius' sign sector, and so his partner will feel the need a times to take off and get away! Lady Aquarius needs to make sure not to instigate Leo too much - or less he could get upset! This is a relationship that will take time to build... Relationships like this one usually hit the ground at a sprint. It's all or nothing for these two: either they are immediately powerfully attracted to one another - or hate each other. You conversations will turn out to be extremely enriching, and you won't have any trouble finding shared passions, even if you approach them in totally different ways.

Compatibility between a Leo woman and a Aquarius woman

For once, Aquarius, let a little warmth into your relationship. You stick to your guns too much and barely ever reveal your emotions. This isn't much in your eyes, but, for your partner who runs off emotion, this is a big deal! Trust yourself and dare to challenge yourself, without expecting your partner to approve or encourage. You have as many good qualities as she does, even if you might not know how to let them show as much as she does. Don't hesitate to needle her when alone, to play the cat-and-mouse game, or to take the role that is rightfully yours: the provocateur!

Compatibility between a Leo man and a Aquarius man

This is an excellent, dynamic, enriching combination with a strong bond and a little bit of spice. Aquarius' original and inventive ideas pushed on via Leo's mental energy. New inspiration or new points of view could result, much to the benefit of both. There will be flare-ups from time to time when you can't agree on something, but you have very complementary rhythms. Remember, too, to respect each other's differences. For this to last, you will have to find common interests and be tolerant and flexible with each other. Don't ruin these great qualities with childish and unnecessary arguing.


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