Relationships and love between two Leo

Written by Alison

You burn with the same fire, generous and demanding. It is, therefore, likely that there is a lot of sparks because you quickly fall into games of influence that require a great complicity if they are not to degenerate into a power struggle. Your tastes lead you to luxury and elegance, you will have to monitor your finances so as not to throw money problems on each other.

Love compatibility between Leo and Leo

Contents may be hot! This is a couple that won't go unnoticed and doesn't have to worry about ever getting bored. But will you have enough room to live together? You have similar temperaments which require a lot of attention and chances to shine - who will outshine the other? You can accomplish great things together, as long as you work together rather than against each other, otherwise you've lost before you've started...

Compatibility between a Leo woman and a Leo man

A mix of fixed Fire signs often difficult to bring together! Both will have to give up a bit of their status in order to live together peacefully. The woman will have to avoid giving orders if she wants to charm and keep her lion, who wouldn't otherwise be able to offer her the best of himself: his ability to protect. They have a powerful attraction towards one another which will allow them to have a passionate intimacy, full of emotion and warmth. When it comes to the practical side of life, they will each have to mark off their territory in order to avoid seriously offending and angering the other.

Compatibility between a Leo woman and a Leo woman

Dear Leo, you are in the presence of a woman who won't submit to your every whim or get behind you and your goals without having something to say. On the other hand, you will gain her trust and support if you are united in a common goal or cause. It's up to you to offer your partner the candor that she lacks, tormented as she is by the intensity of her attachment that she is so afraid of showing openly. Don't trust her hardened appearance that she adopts at times. Trust your instincts - they'll tell you clearly how things are.

Compatibility between a Leo man and a Leo man

You can immediately recognize your own emotions reflected within the other. You burn with the same fire, and are both generous, demanding, proud, and paternalistic. So, expect no shortage of flare-ups, as both of you will quickly try to influence the other. You will need a strong bond for this not to degenerate into an all-out power struggle. Both of you are touchy and strong-willed, with elegant and luxurious tastes. Keep an eye on your finances so that you don't end up blaming each other for financial difficulty. Let's hope there are other water elements in your charts to calm things down, and some earth elements in order to stay realistic and have successful communication. If you couple succeeds, it will be through an intense and renewed passion.


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