Affinities between the couple who are both Cancer

Written by Alison

If the attraction is strong, you risk suffocating quickly... Everyone is emotionally dependent and anxious, be careful not to fall into a cage though it may appear golden... It is imperative to open yourself up to others if you want to have a chance of lasting. Otherwise... you may get bored and fuel distressing dramatizations or improbable illusions.

Love compatibility between Cancer and Cancer

You've got your work cut out for you! Though the attraction between you two may be strong and you put each other at ease, you run the risk, too, of suffocating each other... You are both emotionally dependent and very anxious, so be careful not to get trapped in a golden, yet locked, cage... It is imperative that you open yourselves up to others if you want to have a chance of lasting, otherwise... you could very much annoy one another.

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Cancer man

If these two crabs truly fall in love with each other, they will have a relationship that will continually grow stronger over time, especially when it comes to creating a family. Both will find their place, their role in the relationship that will comfort the other and ensure their children's education. You should be able to overcome any obstacle, hand in hand, and even enjoy a truly enriching relationship together! Each one will put their heart and soul into being even more affectionate and tender - exactly what Cancer has been looking for. With you two tenacious people united as one, you will be able to really build something together, as long as you choose to accept reality without trying to hide from it.

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Cancer woman

The meeting of your two sensitivities in this relationship will be a major plus for creating a true bond between the both of you. Remember that you're not alone in your ideals and that your partner is quite capable of sharing them with you. Nothing better to forge ahead and make progress than getting to know each other. You will have to put your modesty aside, take action, and plan for moments of pure intimacy where you can lay yourself bare and become ever bolder, at least over time. Your partner's sensitivity hides her need for moments of pure folly that you could both experience together.

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Cancer man

You sometimes scare those close to you when your ferocious moods and make a scene out of the slightest emotion - and yet, you enjoy these ever-heightening states. Don't confuse bond and confinement. Make the effort to refresh your duo by going out with more easy-going and peaceful people. You both run the risk eventually of ending up squaring off against each other, each person sticking to their guns in a rock-solid stalemate when conflict arises. Rely on other air aspects of your charts that are more carefree and playful to ease this confrontation that is naturally part of the daily routine...


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