An analysis of the relationship between Cancer and Libra

Written by Alison

Libra is above all aesthetic, looking for balance rather than passion, they are idealistic and indecisive. Cancer dreams of love, they are romantic and often frustrated with the emotional 'varnish' of a Libra. Harmony is hard to find between the lightness of one and the dependence of the other, but each is a potential for the other. Together, you discover the joys of an adult relationship.

Love compatibility between Cancer and Libra

This is in no way an easy mix. Even if you are both a couple of charmers, you have very different emotions and temperaments. Though you might love each other on the emotional level, handling daily life will remain difficult. When it comes to practical matters, conflict is likely. Cancer will have to learn to keep their moods in check, to let go, and to trust Libra, who can be effusive, but a little flippant, too.

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Libra man

Both of these are quite the sentimental types, who wish to have the romance they've always dreamed of. However, both of them tend to stick to their guns without letting go or daring to be as they are in their dreams. Misunderstood Cancer retreats into his shell, while Libra runs away to avoid conflict. And so, woman Cancer and male Libra will have to find some common, shared goals before creating plans for the future together. If not, one will be living just for the relationship and the other for their work! The ball's in your court! Over time, he will manage to open up more and come to understand that it's his partner's extreme sensibility that allows them to live out their fantasies.

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Libra woman

This relationship is off to a rollicking start. Libra, thrilled as she is to have finally met such a charming and sensitive man like Cancer, will do all she can to make their relationship stronger - and more official. This little crab will be hesitant, at times ready to move forward, and on the retreat at others - as he knows so well how to do. This will annoy Libra, who would prefer to move ahead and take a few risks. And so, this could be a relationship full of misunderstandings for these two, if they can't manage to communicate better about the future, that is! Seduction will be a staple of this relationship. Don't ever give up abandon this process that can bring you so close together in every way.

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Libra woman

Settle down and stop running every which way. It will be absolutely necessary to put your fear of messing things up with such an enigmatic woman as this in perspective. Your partner, a Cancer, is hypersensitive and needs you - and for you to listen to her! So, set down your scales and awaken your sense of compromise. Her kindness is a reflection of her own emotional needs and of what she can offer you: judgement-free tenderness in its purest form. Letting yourself be carried away from time to time by this current of kindness will bring you both closer together considerably and offer you the chance to discovery this rare form of sensuality without a doubt!

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Libra man

Libra, more than anything, loves beauty, seeks balance over passion, and is indecisive and idealistic. Cancer dreams of love, is ultra-romantic, and is often frustrated by Libra's protective emotional "shell". Harmony will be hard to find, what with the one's aloofness and the other's dependence, but each has potential to offer the other. You can form a solid, wise, respectful couple if you have sufficiently worked on your maturity, in which case you will discover the joy of an adult relationship.

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