A loving relationship between the Cancer and the Leo sign

Written by Alison

The Leo is chivalrous, loyal, and protective. Romantic Cancer feels supported by such generous love. There is a lot of loyalty in everyone and a good complementarity. The Leo gives without regard for their heat and their dynamism. While hypersensitive cancer follows them like a shadow, protected from everything. Leo loves hard but they are demanding. A Cancer can annoy them with their whimsical moods...

Love compatibility between Cancer and Leo

You are both very loyal and very complementary, and this will be far easier if the man is the Leo. Leo struts and gives of his warmth and energy without a second thought. Hypersensitive Cancer follows him like a shadow, protected from everything. Leo can wound Cancer with his bouts of authoritarianism, while Cancer can annoy Leo with her eternal moodiness...

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Leo man

This is a beautiful romance for these two opposite signs! Female Cancer's perseverance and male Leo's energy could give this couple, admired by all, a real set of wings ! Still, be careful: Leo must truly try to listen and pay attention to his partner, while Cancer mustn't fall into the trap of hurting her lover's confidence! Only under these two conditions will you two be able to attain Nirvana and have a long and wonderful romance! Leo's confidence and energy can totally erase Cancer's doubts.

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Leo woman

Lady Leo has been won over by this man who is so charming, attentive, romantic, courageous, impulsive - the list goes on! She will be able to make use of her power to scream with pleasure and to dominate - her favorite. She will be continually shocked that she can count on him no matter what and without ever showing a hint of jealousy. This partner is well and truly made for her - and she will have no desire to ever leave him! If Cancer can come to truly love his Lioness, it will be a serene and sincere love that she will receive. For this reason, lady Leo, try not to devour your prey, but leave him a little freedom!

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Leo woman

As a Leo, try not to smother your other half with your desire to control, decide, master, and want everything - and right now. Try to share your desires and to make them a reality together, not on your own - that's what love is, and it'll delight you! Too much rigidness can stifle her creativity and prevent her from offering you the best she has to offer: her kindness and her creativity, which matches so well with your own. Don't count on her to dispel your fears. If she senses that you aren't bold enough, she won't dare to give you a push! And, she'll be the one again who will slowly and over time give you the desire for a warm and peaceful home.

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Leo man

You can come to get along with, and understand, each other without much trouble, though with a few concessions to be made. Cancer is the intuitive worrywart, whereas Leo is cerebral, if not a bit of an egghead. These traits can complement each other through talking and sharing points of view with each person showing the other a different, but very interesting, view on life. You will have no problem keeping yourselves busy together or agreeing on what to do, especially if Leo softens the domineering tone that he always uses a little, and if Cancer doesn't get too wrapped up in their childish fantasies, which they are an expert on...

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