Jupiter transits in Gemini

Written by Susan

Jupiter is in exile in Gemini, feeling a little stuck, it will influence the exchanges and the mobility of proximity. More displacement than travels, chatter than philosophical studies, Jupiter is likely to make communications multiply but also more superficial. This remains an excellent year for all those who live from journalism or commerce... of proximity.


During this transit of Jupiter on your natal Sun, you are optimistic, you believe in yourself more than usual and you are more successful in everything you do. Doors open. If you remain attentive, you will see opportunities for advancement, opportunities to seize. It's also a great time to gain a better sense of self, broaden your horizons, explore your potential, make good decisions for your future, and resolve outstanding conflicts. You have the opportunity to enrich your life through travel, study or new contacts. This transit brings you a lot of energy, confidence and creativity.


Jupiter in Gemini does not directly influence Taurus but it brings a lot of lightness to all exchanges. On a material level, this transit can be beneficial if you know how to seize the opportunities that promise to multiply. You undoubtedly have the opportunity to reap the profits, to recover amounts due and, overall, to clean up your finances through useful relationships, constructive exchanges and better adaptation to your interlocutors. Your daily comfort is likely to flourish.


The transit of Jupiter in conjunction with your natal Sun is characterized by increased confidence, a lot of optimism and enthusiasm. It's a period of improvement and expansion. Life smiles at you. If you feel the urge to reorient your life, now is the time to start. Be attentive, opportunities will not be lacking. If you want to travel, meet different people, resume studies, improve your social status, change your way of perceiving yourself, this transit is very favorable to you. Luck and success will be there whatever you undertake. You are in great shape and you have the energy to face the world. Make the most of this influence.


Jupiter in Gemini does not directly influence Cancer but it animates the existence of everyone by increasing mobility and exchanges. It's a tumultuous atmosphere from which you could learn a lot. The intellect is emphasized and, if you take the trouble to withdraw a little in solitude to meditate on your opinions and ideas, it is quite possible that you arrive at new conclusions that will make you change mentality. This is a great opportunity to open your mind, to fit in with other cultures, or to focus on new areas.


Jupiter in Gemini, for you, is the promise of excellent exchanges with your friends and protections well placed in your life. Your social life will become animated and develop during this transit. Meetings and travel will be worth a lot of opportunities, happy chances, coincidences, in short, luck to carry out your business. To take advantage of it, one must be attentive to what is happening: to people, places and situations. Finally, you must also make yourself available to, if necessary, seize the moment.


Jupiter in Gemini risks many varied tensions, nothing serious but draining in the long run. It is especially in your professional life that you risk dissatisfaction in meeting your expectations. But are your expectations realistic? Excessive desires are often the source of frustration, refrain from your unreasonable desires, be patient and things will be better. You also risk, during this period, to squabble with certain people because of their criticism, you do not have enough perspective on humor or self-deprecation to stay calm, your reactions may be excessive or awkward.


Jupiter in the friendly, cerebral and aerial sign of Gemini, is a great breath of fresh air on your projects, your aspirations and some of your desires. You want more, better or deeper and you are determined to act to obtain satisfaction. These ambitious projects, sometimes foreign-oriented or trade-oriented, are likely to succeed if you take initiatives as opportunities arise. Stay alert and especially available to benefit from these excellent influences.


Jupiter in Gemini does not directly influence Scorpio but it nuances your exchanges with an intellectual touch, which completes your intuition and your natural lucidity very well. It is an excellent year to study, to deepen your knowledge on subject that is close to your heart, to meditate in a certain solitude and to come to fair conclusions. On the other hand, the sensual, too cerebral aspect of this intellectual Jupiter risks, at times, frustrating your desires for intense passion. Like it or not, it's a break in the frenzy of your torrid relationships...


Jupiter's opposition to your natal Sun is an opportunity to become aware of the mismatch that may exist between your deep ambitions and the reality of your life. But to return this transit to your advantage, it is necessary to make an effort and to remain in control of yourself because, if your situation does not satisfy you fully, you tend to put yourself forward in an arrogant way, to inflate your own importance, to brood and to make demands. However, your behavior does not please and you will not get anything. Instead, use this time to consider your existence and take a step back, to understand where you are and to identify what you really need. Keep in mind that during this period you have a tendency to be excessive in all ways.


Jupiter in Gemini is not very active in your sun but it promotes comfort and well-being in your daily life. Your working conditions improve, your neighborhood changes for the better or you have a more pleasant schedule. It is an influence that encourages gluttony and pleasures so, stay reasonable in your possible excess...


The trigone Jupiter in your natal Sun offers you an anthology of good luck, opportunities for personal growth and social expansion. Vigilance is in order to not let anything good pass by. You move in a relaxed atmosphere, you feel happy and confident. You establish harmony in your relationships and you enjoy the benevolence of others. You see your creative and imaginative potential increased, artists will be particularly inspired and productive. You have the opportunity, during this transit, to find a better match between your life and your ideals, but stick to being measured and realistic.


The square to Jupiter in the natal Sun marks a rather annoying period during which nothing really unfolds as you wish. Fortunately, Jupiter is never really evil but it pushes you to some form of blindness in your choices, with stubbornness and anger. You risk being overdramatic and picking a fight, which does not help you establish a good atmosphere. Like a good Pisces, be careful not to be naive, this transit has the effect of pushing you to some credulity.

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