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Love Compatibility of Cancer

  Written by Alison

Cancer, with a gentle and helpful nature you yearn for peace and harmony in your relationships and your family. Your immense need for love makes you an endearing person, endowed with an emotivity that becomes the anchor of your bond and the rudder of your life. Tender, affectionate, and sentimental, you have a deep need to be loved, without which your life no longer has meaning and you fall into melancholy. You are made for family life.

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The Men:
1st decan
According to his past experiences, this decan will be emotionally dependent and reluctant to take initiatives or hidden behind a shell of traditional or rigid principles. He cannot bear to be alone, but the approach must come from a strong woman, capable of deciding for him.
A Taurus woman has the necessary authority and common sense for two. Her great sensuality will delight the 1st decan of Cancer, mixing pleasure with reassuring stability.

2nd decan
A charming decan, a little contemplative who feels very quickly and very justly what we feel for him. He easily plays on his charm to attract the woman who will take care of him. Someone maternal, comforting, and who will appreciate his tenacity and his perfect loyalty.
A Virgo woman can devote herself as the Cancer of the 2nd decan hopes. She will organize his daily life practically and pleasantly. In return, he will bring her all the affection.

3rd decan
He is a man-child who needs a strong and maternal woman. He will tend to lean completely on his partner. His love of the home and children can make him a very effective papa-hen. He is not motivated by big ambitions, a taste for risk or success. He is a humanist poet, anxious by nature but with an exquisite sensitivity.
A Scorpio woman can take charge of the life of this 3rd decan of Cancer and will leave him with the family management to focus on her ambitions.

The Women:
1st decan
This decan is more a mother than a woman, to the point of sometimes making sentimental mistakes because she is waiting for Prince Charming and a potential father. She is a woman who does not know how to break up, whatever the type of relationship. She compensates for her lack of combativeness with infantile reactions, which are often excessive.
A Capricorn man is particularly complementary with this woman of the 1st decan of Cancer. He will know how to take her life in hand, structure it, and found a stable home where she can flourish.

2nd decan
She is a secret woman. Beneath her carelessness and frankness hides a sensitive, sensual, and delicate nature. It is through her exchanges that she probes the feelings of others, dodging any sign of hostility towards her. She seeks to preserve her comfort and happiness in lasting relationships.
A Pisces man will be particularly receptive to the hidden sensitivity of a woman of the 2nd decan of Cancer that he will understand by intuition. He will brighten up her daily life in a beautiful tranquillity.

3rd decan
If this decan is as sensitive as the others, this woman often masks her weaknesses behind an exacerbated, possessive, and exclusive maternal attitude with her loved ones. She is a fearful woman who often lives in the apprehension of potential misfortunes. If she feels loved, she will then delight her family because she will be exceptionally devoted.
A Taurus man can meet the affectionate needs of a 3rd decan Cancer woman while guaranteeing her a calm and secure life that she will enjoy managing for the well-being of all.

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