Affinity and love between Cancer and Scorpio

Written by Alison

You catch each other's eye at first glance. You please each other infinitely. Cancer loves the magnetic charm of Scorpio. For their part, Scorpio is fascinated by the delicacy and romance of Cancer. There is a lot of love between you, but also respect, kindness, and complicity. The attraction is powerful and the sensual potential is particularly marked.

Love compatibility between Cancer and Scorpio

According to tradition, these two signs hold each other claw-in-claw underneath the waters. You understand each other instinctively, without speaking. The problem for both of you is your hypersensitivity! You both have an excellent memory, so conflicts could only get worse and worse. You can have a very emotive and sensual romance: you share the same ideas about love, and, as Scorpios, are very passionate...

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man

Scorpio man will lend his Cancer partner his attention, and will, in return, receive all Cancer's trust. Both of them will find it hard to express themselves emotionally (two Water signs, after all) but will still manage to pick up on when their partner is in need. This will, then, be a real opportunity for them to be fulfilled personally and to achieve perfect harmony. These two lovers should never separate: both understand how important the other is in this relationship. Be careful, Scorpio: you might, one day, want to ruin everything, whether on a whim or over jealousy. Control your impulses when it comes to love - this is a relationship worth keeping and one that you won't find anywhere else!

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman

This is a relationship that is more complicated if the Scorpio is a woman. She yearns for change, the high life, and the wildest of plans. Will she be able to keep her little crab by her side and offer him the harmonious life he dreams of? Or will she get tired of this partner who forgives too easily and seeks to hide from reality, who can be so cruel at times? Lady Scorpio will need to do her part and learn how to recognize her other half's unrivaled virtues for this relationship to be in tune. Stay strong dear Cancer and use every skill you've got to win her over - what about your sense of humor?

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Scorpio woman

Dear Scorpio, learn to enjoy time passed with your other half simply and without fear. In the end, he is a lot like you. For once, don't try to control your partner, but instead to make her happy. It would be good to realize that you impress your partner a lot just with your presence. Encourage her to express her opinions without immediately judging her. Listen to her and let her reveal all of her thoughts to you. Your partner needs this space to get closer to you and drive away her natural shyness.

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Scorpio man

You like each other immensely. Cancer enjoys Scorpio's magnetic charm, imposing stature, and loyalty. As for Scorpio, they are enthralled by Cancer's gentleness, sensuality, and romantic spirit. There is a strong bond and much respect between you two. The attraction is powerful and your potential clear. Scorpio, however, must avoid making things complicated just to spice things up. Through is manipulation, obsessiveness or jealousy, he could permanently ruin such a promising relationship. As for Cancer, they must come back to reality. If both of you understand your situation realistically and with great courage, you will have an exceptional relationship.

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