Affinities in love between Cancer and Virgo

Written by Alison

You are very compatible and you reassure each other. Cancer has protective feelings and seeks to maintain their partner in a material and sensual comfort. The anxious Virgo is filled with all this maternal benevolence. For their part they bring a critical spirit, an excellent rationalization of situations, and a deep devotion to the loved one.

Love compatibility between Cancer and Virgo

You form a solid, calm, and peaceful couple. Virgo's practical-mindedness combines perfectly with Cancer's ability to dream. It would be best if one of you were an extravert, otherwise you will live free from risk, but risk becoming bored, shut off from the world... Virgo must be careful not to be too critical with Cancer, who, in turn, must learn to curb their boundless need for affection...

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Virgo man

Water and Earth can mix wonderfully if female Cancer can manage to override her frivolous, and at times fussy, nature and ultra-practicality, and her partner will often be unable to understand her. She will have to become more involved in her family and home life for her children's sake, rather than try to mold her partner in her image. If she chooses to go the distance with a partner so different from herself, this will be a wonderful couple! Thanks to her partner's much-needed logical reasoning, Cancer will be able to realize her dreams. Virgo's sensitivity matches well with Cancer's own, more obvious sensitivity.

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Virgo woman

Cancer will be led along down unheard-of paths by his both mobile and stable partner. This will be a beautiful romantic experience for the both of them, as long as Cancer manages not to put too much blame on his partner. If she feels threatened or misunderstood, lady Virgo will take off in the opposite direction. Understand, Virgo, that this is an entirely different romance that you will have with your partner. Be patient and try to put yourself in his shoes. Such a romantic man as this needs your affection from time to time! The ball's in your court!

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Virgo woman

Dear Virgo, commit yourself fully, without having any false modesty about how you feel. Make room for your emotions and take the big plunge! Otherwise, your partner could hold it against you, so try to keep her satisfied! Expressing your feelings and emotions will be the key to your communication which will help your partner take a few more steps toward becoming more pragmatic and practical. Only then will you be totally fulfilled. Don't get stuck in your natural modesty when it comes to intimacy. Dare from time to time to let your imagination come out in full force. Your partner would love to bend to your desires!

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Virgo man

You are very compatible and have the knack of being able to comfort one another. Cancer has a protective instinct, and seeks to keep their partner materially and emotionally happy. Virgo, ever the worrier, will enjoy being lavished with all this loving attention, and, on their part, offers their partner their critical mind, ability to rationalize situations, and deep devotion. Your duo isn't much of the social type, preferring to sleep in, tucked under the blankets rather than a jog together. Between Virgo's practicality and Cancer's hypersensitivity, you will both get along just peachy and for some time to come!

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