An amorous relationship for Cancer and Capricorn

Written by Alison

Your signs are opposite but complementary, you could not be better together. Capricorn has the art of tranquilizing the hypersensitive Cancer which, in turn, warms them up. You are both a bit moody in your ways of loving but you understand yourself beyond all your changing moods and you know how much you can count on one another.

Love compatibility between Cancer and Capricorn

You are diametrically opposed, and therefore complementary. Cold Capricorn has the knack for calming down their Cancer, who, in return, warms Capricorn up. Keep your moodiness in check and, both of you: make concessions. Cancer has to trust, and Capricorn must give themselves over a little more. If you communicate, you can form a solid bond, based on common values: family, especially.

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Capricorn man

You are literally made for one another! Male Capricorn will be totally won over by this romantic, discrete, modest, tender, maternal, warm, and sweet woman but will have to not be so stiff in how he shows his love! Woman Cancer will, however, appreciate her man's ambition, depth, seriousness, and ambitions. This will be a beautiful romance where each person can do their part, and the reward will be immense. So give love a chance! Obstacles will only serve to stimulate you further, bring you closer together and cement your bond.

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman

This relationship could be difficult for male Cancer, who seeks emotion and sensuality and who won't easily find warmth in his other half. He wishes to live out his dreams but will have to give his partner a sense of security before she can open up. To her, these are just dreams after all! It will be hard for these two opposing signs to come together. Cancer always asks for more than he give, and lady Capricorn won't wish to be continuously exploited - even for love. If these two don't do their part, there may be no turning back. If the man is older, things will be much more in harmony.

Compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Capricorn woman

Capricorn, your patience will be a precious asset for coming to understand your partner. It won't always be easy to stay in tune with her with how much she can get caught up in her emotions. Be as sensitive as you can be serious. Try to pay attention to the small details that your partner finds important. She needs to feel your support and won't put up with you challenging her. You go too serious about things at times, so try to laugh off whatever happens to you! Your partner is very sensitive to your offhanded jokes that you spout without thinking -

Compatibility between a Cancer man and a Capricorn man

This is an excellent combination: always evolving, enriching and warm, with a strong bond. Cancer's romantic and intuitive temperament is put at ease by Capricorn's intellectual sturdiness. Certainties and new views on the world are likely to flow forth from this relationship, to everyone's benefit. There will be tension at times when you don't agree on something, but your own rhythms and ways of thinking complement each other very much. Respect each other's differences, and be more willing to trust your instincts over your reason. Capricorn brings stability, while Cancer sees to keeping complicity and tenderness in your exchanges.


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