Aquarius: your weekly horoscope for the week of 15th of July 2024

Written by Susan

Astral forecast

Uranus in square is not going unnoticed this week. This means that you are living powerful and intense moments with your close entourage. You need to get away from the daily routine to take a step back and not get too quickly carried away by irremediable changes or things that you did not necessarily want.


The sky stirs your passions, exacerbates your desires, and maintains a climate of emotional crisis that encourages you to solve current problems definitively by discussing and listening. This way, your relationship finally evolves towards more authenticity. In the meantime, you are forced to review the basics and question yourself on the value and depth of your feelings.

Monday: 3/5MondayTuesday: 2/5TuesdayWednesday: 3/5WednesdayThursday: 4/5ThursdayFriday: 3/5FridaySaturday: 3/5SaturdaySunday: 2/5SundayMonday: 3/5Monday


A timely stroke of luck could boost your morale this week! Try it, provoke it by playing a money game or by assuming your sudden interest in finance! Chance smiles on those who believe in it, so don't sulk in your pleasure and have fun. An unexpected income is always possible and even probable, so let go and propose an original investment to your friends and family. Why not?

Monday: 2/5MondayTuesday: 1/5TuesdayWednesday: 1/5WednesdayThursday: 4/5ThursdayFriday: 3/5FridaySaturday: 3/5SaturdaySunday: 4/5SundayMonday: 3/5Monday


Since you're not really in top form this week, you ask your friends and family for a revitalizing massage. By having the proper reflexes and adopting a healthy lifestyle, you will stay in shape longer. If your social or professional obligations catch up with you, it is essential to disconnect from time to time. Give yourself regular moments of pure relaxation.

Monday: 1/5MondayTuesday: 0/5TuesdayWednesday: 3/5WednesdayThursday: 4/5ThursdayFriday: 3/5FridaySaturday: 2/5SaturdaySunday: 3/5SundayMonday: 3/5Monday


The sky puts you at the center of the game, but it also exposes you to blame and criticism from your peers and hierarchy. You will try to surpass yourself but don't overdo it because your disgrace will be short-lived, and this little passage should not make you doubt your skills and know-how.

Monday: 2/5MondayTuesday: 2/5TuesdayWednesday: 2/5WednesdayThursday: 4/5ThursdayFriday: 3/5FridaySaturday: 3/5SaturdaySunday: 2/5SundayMonday: 3/5Monday

Advice for the week

Uranus is not making you particularly diplomatic this week. Add to this your desire to break your habits, to remove your shackles to take flight. You find it hard to control yourself, so make sure you prioritize your projects and do not cause too much collateral damage in your initiatives...

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