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Tuesday, May the 21st
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The Sign of Gemini
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A gentle spring
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Money and relationships
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Taurus, your love horoscope for Spring 2019

  Written by Daisy

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Love: A New Start?
You will dedicate the beginning of this season, a priori, partly to building tender castles in the sky! Whether you have in mind an ideal to achieve, a renewal to try and/or to raise your emotional ambitions a notch, you will have it at heart (at least until April 20th) to achieve your goals. From April 20th, Venus withdraws into the shadow of your sign, urging you to take a moment of reflection. Enough to return for a moment on the past year and more generally the past to learn lessons, friend Taurus, and not risk reproducing the same possible mistakes! This delicious planet will finally invite themselves into your sign between May 15th and June 9th, marking the beginning of a new cycle of your emotional life and endowing you with an irresistible aura! An end of season to exploit to launch yourself into an adventure or to continue it in full possession of your means!

1st decan (April 21st - May 1st): Ready for Change!
Since the beginning of March, Uranus has invested in your decan giving a new impulse to your life as a whole. You thirst to renew your bases, to dare something else, elsewhere, or otherwise, or at least to move the lines. Not sure that the sentimental domain is spared and if so ... then so much the better! It seems, indeed, time for you to broaden your horizons and break with a status quo that (unconsciously or consciously) ends up locking you into more or less paralyzing and alienating patterns! The very beginning of the season offers you the opportunity to dare to go off the rails. Projects that boost your love life come into effect in late March (the 27th)! Between April 20th and April 28th, take the time to think about the ins and outs of your crazy ideas but certainly more in line with what you expect from life and love now. Even if this short break does not prevent you from beginning a new cycle and embarking on the adventure (22nd). Between May 15th and May 23rd, Venus invites itself into your sign and confirms this trend. Especially around the 18th, where everything seems possible. Between breaking up to move on, a new encounter, a blazing awareness, or the return of an old flame expect everything from yourself besides following the daily grind.

In a Relationship if your relationship was a little too lazy for your liking, this season might wake it up. You (and your partner) have the desire to give new meaning to your union and breathe a new wind into your love story. You will have the opportunity throughout the season so projects won't fail and the tempo of change should actually accelerate! Possibly to cut to the core and start something else with someone else? Everything is possible this spring and you will understand it, especially change!

Single, now you want to introduce yourself to the world around you in a new light, which is in fact who you have become over time! You will then make the necessary decisions and will probably not be looking for security first but for newness. This spring, you should have some great opportunities to meet inspiring people and make exciting plans with chances of starting a new cycle of emotional expansion from the moment you realize that the past is the past and it may be time to take risks, a priori, that will pay off!

2nd decan (May 2nd - May 11th): It Hovers (a little too much)!
For a while you have been pursuing an ideal of life that inspires you and guides your initiatives and your steps! If, at the beginning of the season (until April 4th), Saturn slows down your momentum a little, you will nevertheless benefit, this spring, from influxes that carry you and could allow you to accelerate the movement and to achieve your desires! Between the 4th and the 12th of April, there is room for major projects! You dream aloud (the 10th) and even if one is tempted to think that you are not in touch with reality they could, however, prove you right this spring! However, take the time to think and retrace your aspirations and the events between late April (27th) and May 7th. Enough not to turn your exciting plans into castles in the sky (due to lack of concrete means to achieve it, for example)! Then you will take the reins of your destiny more surely and you may be able to do whatever you like (the 9th, 16th, and 30th) if you agree, however, to keep your feet on the ground (at least one) and accept (the 31st) coping with certain limitations (the return of Saturn) that will have the merit of forcing you to base your magnificent projects on solid ground! A new phase of development in your emotional life is thus to be expected between May 23rd and June 3rd. An eminently promising perspective if, however, in June you take care of calming your imagination a little and channeling your appetites and your desires that are a little crazy (June 16th) and contending, in good conscience, with a reality that is definitely needed (the 18th)!

In a Relationship this spring could turn out to be a dream season but if you want this dream to actually turn into reality, you'll have to give yourself the means to stay anchored in the ground and not go into a tailspin under the impulse of legitimate vows but ones that could make you lose a sense of reality. If you manage to calm your enthusiasm, which is sometimes a little crazy then there's no risk of missing the promises of a spring that seems to want to fill your most romantic aspirations and fulfill your craziest desires!

Single, you had long (always) dreamed of it and it is here! It could well be presented to you this great love that you expected? Bet on this spring to find and try to keep that special someone! Nothing will be easier than anchoring a recent romance or a relationship that begins this quarter. Even if you have the impression of hovering in the higher spheres and living on another planet, you must remain aware that, for it to last and continue to enchant you, it will be necessary one day or another to think about installing the relationship more concretely than just on a small cloud! Resist the temptation to take off without a belt (especially in June) and keep your feet on the ground (it's good, it's your element)!

3rd decan (May 12th - May 20th): A Balance to Maintain!
An undeniable charm that allows you to mark minds and score points in society at the very beginning of the season (the 21st) without sheltering you from certain excesses or the desire to impose what you want on everyone in the world! You risk being torn between April's desire to satisfy your appetites (and the possibility of achieving it on the 14th) and the obligation to respect certain limitations generated by Saturn who will take care of calling you to order or blocking your path (the 10th) if you step out of line. Ideally, you should probably take the sufficient time and perspective in April (between the 10th and 20th) and in May (between the 7th and 15th) to balance the deal between your desire to devour life and live your love stories thoroughly (the 4th, 9th, and 14th of May) with the need to properly structure your future prospects. No question, indeed, under the tutelage of Saturn (which touches your decan between the beginning of April and the end of May) to abandon yourself without rationalizing (at least a little) legitimate emotional ambitions. We just ask that you channel them! Between May 31st and June 9th, Venus invites itself into your decan and gives you an irresistible charm. Enough to ignite your mind, your heart, and your body (the 3rd?). But again without giving up control of your emotions and desires so that they satisfy your emotional aspirations without overflowing and leading your emotions and feelings to confusion!

In a Relationship a season that could sometimes be hot and cold and asks you to actually lay the foundations on which you want to build, anchor, or consolidate your love story. Thus, if your appetites and your thirst for all kinds of rewards are enormous, you will be summoned this spring to calm them a little so that they do not push you to ends that you might regret. Saturn preaches for a moderation of good quality because, in the end, it could allow you to broaden your horizons and improve the quality of your love story in the long-term without needing to give up any pleasure. It's just a question of balance and consciousness!

Single, Jupiter increases your needs and desires this spring while Saturn urges you to better define the limits that need to be respected so that your aspirations lead you in the right direction; that is to say to build on solid ground rather than in the wind. This spring try to closely follow the sometimes frustrating injunctions of this austere planet while offering yourself some beautiful escapades and a soaring love. It's up to you to know if it is necessary to continue. And here, it is Saturn who will show you the good and true road to follow!

Advice from FREE Horoscope

A season that could count and one that could guide your emotional life on some important, even definitive paths! Try to stay alert and keep your eyes and your heart open to make choices that will count in good conscience, as much as possible!

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