Taurus, your love horoscope for Winter 2021

Daisy | 18/02/2011 - Last modified: 16/12/2020

Love: Looking for more and better?

If Venus warms up your beginning of winter, from January 8th, you want to give meaning to your love affairs. Whether you are in search of that special someone or already in a relationship, you can't be satisfied with a stale and tasteless love. Starting February 1st, you can use your power of seduction to rally the votes in society and end the season with projects that fill your head and your heart.

1st decan (April 21st - May 1st): Other Priorities?

At the beginning of the season, you make a decision that forces you to deal with your desire for freedom. Prepare to face some inner tensions in January. You are torn between the desire to play your role in society and an aspiration to free yourself from the guardianships that hinders you. Use Venus to smooth out the rough edges, because, despite your undeniable charm, you find it challenging to weave between duties, commitments, and freedom. No time to think about love because you are too on edge this winter. You can hope for some tender prospects in March. Venus assures you of the support of your loved ones: your partner, friends, or someone you like.

2nd decan (May 2nd - May 11th): A Good Season for Your Dreams!

Are you inspired at the beginning of the season by prospects for the future? You are not short of ambition around January 1st, 8th, and 23rd. Romanticism blows in your heart. Starting January 31st, Jupiter offers you an opportunity to shine in society. In February, your popularity soars. In early March, if your business mobilizes you in the professional arena, you're in a great mood that delights those around you and attracts everyone's favours.

3rd decan (May 12th - May 20th): The Way is Open!

In 2020, you broaden your horizons and rediscover sources of fulfillment. Whether emotionally or socially, you are entering winter feeling good about yourself and amid positive change. This is confirmed in January. Your life is moving in the right direction. Don't let your offensive tendencies alter a relatively upward trend. Fortunately, some projects remind you of priorities, dreams to realize, and a love ideal to reinforce or discover in March. The end of the season promises to be radiant.

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If love is not always your target, it will be part of the lot. Calm your inner fire and take the time to take care of those you love or like.


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