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Thursday, January the 17th
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Taurus, your love horoscope for Winter 2019

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Continue on Your Path!
Since last September, Venus has placed your partner at the center of your concerns and your desires. You aspire to create a bond, enrich your relationship, anchor a recent idyll, and you do not skimp on the attention and care that you bring to whoever you love in order to attract their good graces! Until early January, you continue this momentum! From the 7th, your exchanges could take a more passionate turn. Venus titillates your senses, boosts your libido, and exposes you to emotions and thrills, friend Taurus. Be sure to keep (at least a little) your feelings under control to have a good time without too much risk of idealizing your exchanges causing you to be brought back down to Earth brutally at the slightest hitch! Between February 3rd and March 1st, Venus invites you to evolve your loves and give them (restore) body and soul. You will probably end the winter mobilized by your social influence to strengthen but, a priori, rather satisfied with the turn your emotional life takes!

1st decan (April 21st - May 1st): On Your Way to Other Things?
Venus connected you to your partner this autumn and was able to foster the emergence of a solid relationship, strengthen your old ties, or confront you with an evolution (transformation) to undertake to really feel in tune with each other and with your relationship. This winter, you are tempted to abandon yourself to the vertigo of love (and the senses). A naughty Venus makes your libido crazy between January 7th and 16th! In February (between the 3rd and the 13th), you aspire to live a story that fills as much your desire to love and to be loved as your quest for intellectual and/or spiritual complicity. There is no way you will settle for little without relief or flavor. At the end of the season (between the 1st and the 10th of March) Venus will invite you to extend your influence on the world around you while Uranus (from the 6th) will reinvest in your decan (as he did between mid-May and the beginning of last November) to commit yourself to change, claim your difference, your freedom to live and to love as you wish by perhaps detaching yourself from now obsolete beliefs and prejudices!

In a Relationship Autumn has no doubt mobilized you on the relationship front. It must evolve in order to last and especially improve to meet your expectations. No doubt then that you will pay much attention to your partner and seek to boost your exchanges. Jupiter also (between November and December) wakes up your desires and helps spice up your exchanges. Count on Venus to confirm this sensual trend in January (between the 7th and 16th)! You will then be well resolved to raise the debates and make sense of your relationship (between February 3rd and 13th)! You will end the season with an aura that could ensure you some success in society (between March 1st and 10th)! As for Uranus who shook your feathers between May and November, count on his bubbling energy to push you out of your entrenchments and to focus on your personal needs from March 6th!

Single Venus certainly favored meetings and reconciliations this autumn? Did you meet someone who inspires you? Whether you are connected to a story that is developing or looking for your soul mate, Venus will take care, in January (between the 7th and 16th), to increase your magnetism and boost your desires. It may be the moment to concretize this love or leave your den? In February, do you dream of an ideal love? Come back down to Earth! Maybe it's waiting for you in around the corner. In March, you will love everyone and will not want to go unnoticed. Count on Venus to amplify your influence and Uranus (from the 6th) to definitely put you on the path of change, even if it means experiencing major upheavals on all fronts!

2nd decan (May 2nd - May 11th): Ignite ... in Good Consciousness!
Jupiter tends (since Christmas) to boost your desires. You want everything and preferably right away! There is no doubt that your hot magnetism attracts everyone to you but be sure to keep (at least a little) a sense of measure if you really want to concretize your emotional aspirations (and others) rather than unleash passion without continuation or without trying to sort between essential and the superficial! Venus will feed your fantasies and your passions powerfully in January (between the 16th and 26th) but will not protect you from excess enthusiasm that could generate some small disappointments around the 13th! Strong emotions are guaranteed on the 18th, 22nd, and 25th! Stabilize and deepen at the end of the month (the 31st) where you will understand that for this to last, you have to come back down to Earth and anchor your dreams by giving them a solid foundation! In February (between the 13th and the 21st) you hover in the high spheres of love (the 17th) but not without striving to build (the 18th)! At the end of the season (between the 10th and the 18th of March), Venus assures you of a social radiance that will finish making your life beautiful (as long as you do not abuse it)!

In a Relationship Jupiter invites you to reignite the flame since the end of December? Passion is reborn but also the desire to move the lines and transform the relationship for the better! So try, this winter, to enjoy the favors of Venus in January (between the 16th and 26th) to reconnect with your partner and a sensual complicity (the 18th and 22nd) but also remember to keep in mind that you must remain demanding about the depth of your relationship. The best way to have a good time without risk of disillusionment. This way you can end the season more in love and stronger (together) than you started.

Single this winter you have excellent assets to maintain passionate relationships with whoever you like. The only downside? A tendency to take off too fast! To hope to anchor a connection that really fits your needs (and your ideal), take the time to lay the foundations of your love stories and do not sacrifice your thirst for security on the altar of your unbridled sensuality. A word to the wise ...

3rd decan (May 12th - May 20th): Some Turmoil to Foresee!
Until January 7th, Venus allows you to maintain intense exchanges with your partner (December 28th?) and between January 26th and February 3rd, this delicious planet could well favor sensual frolics and inflamed statements (the 2nd). However, it will be a question of finishing to free yourself from chains which hinder your course for a while. Until March 6th, Uranus allows you to break with a past that has been dragging you down for too long! You aspire to live stories that make sense and respond to your desire to go beyond and transform yourself? Between the 21st of February and the 1st of March, a meeting, a return of an old flame, or a metamorphosis of your relationship cannot be ruled out (the 23rd) if you manage to control the more or less unconscious emotions that agitate you and could prove a little destructive (March 1st)! At the very end of the season (from March 18th) you will probably be more anxious to shine in society than to devote yourself exclusively to your loves!

In a Relationship you are not immune, this winter, to the turmoil that may affect your emotional serenity. Uranus shakes up your certainty and opens your eyes. You understand that to move forward and live in accordance with yourself, it may be necessary to break from the moorings in one way or another? At the very beginning of the season (until January 7th) take advantage by asking the right questions and raising the debates passionately (December 28th)! Between January 26th and February 3rd, you will enjoy waves favorable to understanding and sensual agreements (February 2nd)! Do not hesitate to widen your horizons and make every effort to change the link (February 23rd) but caution is recommended in early March (the 1st) where some impulses or emotions could short-circuit your momentum and put static on the line!

Single you complete a period of questioning and cleansing? Uranus invites you, indeed, by March 6th to make things clear and, as much as possible, to be aware of what, until today, has prevented you from freely managing your emotional life. Bet on the very beginning of the season to start a relationship (end of December) or define what you really want from a love story . Around February 2nd abandon yourself to the vertigo of love. At the end of the month (February 23rd) a meeting or the realization of a link is possible, but beware from March 1st not to let your emotions disrupt the frequency! Mission difficult to lead but not impossible to succeed if you understand that from now on you have to manage your bonds in good conscience and not to let yourself embark on stories that do not correspond to your essential needs!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
An emotional life likely to evolve and transform, even transform yourself? A winter that should allow you to know more about your desires, your expectations, and the means to satisfy them! To make the most of a celestial climate rather complicit in your loves, take care to identify your aspirations and to identify closely your tendency to take off without a belt!

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