Taurus, your love horoscope for Spring 2022

Written by Daisy

With the arrival of spring, the horizon brightens, and more encouraging perspectives arise. Until April 20th, think well before acting. The Sun (April 20th-May 21st) invites you to claim your right to dream, a new world is in the making, and you are fine-tuning your plans that will come to fruition from mid-May 2023.

Taurus First decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2022

(21st April to 1st May)

Love: Patience!

Tender plans are in the air (April 5th-14th). Venus invites you to connect with your loved ones to gain their support, but don\'t try to speed up the movement from May 2nd to 11 as Venus invites you to think things through rather than jump in. From May 10th, Jupiter enters your sign (until the end of October) and confirms the trend. You need to refine your plans and base your initiatives on solid foundations to inaugurate a new life cycle (in 2023).

Taurus First decan: your advice for for Spring 2022

To optimize your chances of making lasting and solid projects, do not try to force your way to ensure your future is on the right track.

Taurus Second decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2022

(2nd May to 11th May)

Love: Demands for authenticity!

Do you use your charm at the beginning of the season (until March 27th) to shine in society? Then count on your power of seduction to influence your relatives, friends, and faithful ones! You make them want to support your projects from April 14th to the 23rd. You will take whoever you want into your dreams around the 18th. Your originality and your different ideas will seduce them. You need to examine what (emotionally) weakens you so that, from June 6th, you can shine with all your lights and surprise those you love (on the 11th).

Taurus Second decan: your advice for for Spring 2022

You have good assets this spring, but don\'t get upset at the beginning of the season and continue to act wisely to conquer the freedom you aspire to.

Taurus Third decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2022

(12th May to 20th May)

Love: You\'re on a roll!

An important project will mobilize you until May 10th. You will then have to wait until July 2023 to realize it according to your wishes. In the meantime, you can dream aloud around April 12th because you benefit from the support of your family and friends who encourage your initiatives. You feel carried away by love (April 27th, 30th, May 1st-3rd),your horizons broaden. In June, keep your feet on the ground (16th, 18th) even if everything leads you to take off (19th).

Taurus Third decan: your advice for for Spring 2022

Cosmic energies favor your aspirations and implement an idea, but keep your feet on the ground.


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