Taurus, your love horoscope for Winter 2024

Written by Daisy

This winter, you'll want to broaden your horizons and push back your limits. Some will embark on a new cycle of expansion, while others will aspire to make a clean break with ways of operating (linked to the past) that have taken them too far away from themselves and their own identity. This winter, it's all about moving forward without putting too much pressure on anyone. This will enable you to open up the future in the right direction, without generating misunderstandings likely to blur the frequency between you and others.

Taurus First decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2024

(21st April to 1st May)

Love: In full mutation?

Desires more or less curbed at the beginning of January (on the 1ster )? On the face of it, you\'ll soon be back in touch with your ambitions, which could be fulfilled and fill you with joy (19th, 29th). A new cycle of expansion is opening up and seems to be fulfilling your dearest wishes. Make the most of these promising flows, because in February, you\'ll certainly have too much to do to abandon yourself truly and fully to the vertigo of love. Is a change of destiny underway that could turn your life upside down (5th, 17th)? Discussions about a project and obstacles to overcome (14th, 28th)? You\'re likely to end the winter more on \"on\" at work than in love, even if one doesn\'t prevent the other.

In Relationship

If you start the season a little frustrated in your emotions (January 1er ),you\'ll soon make up for it around the 19th and 29th, when your heart could be in the mood for a celebration and events give a glimpse of a promising future. On the other hand, any carefree attitude will have to be put to one side in February, when you\'ll be fully involved in important destiny issues (5th, 17th). A project is taking shape, and you\'ll have to stick to it (14th, 28th). What\'s at stake? A life direction that takes a radically different turn in March (10th).


A start to the season that probably leaves you wanting more (January 1)? Your prospects will have to cope with frustrating limitations. Fortunately, the heavens will soon open up and invite you to express and live out your sentimental aspirations (January 19, 29). There\'s no question of you living out a humdrum existence. In February, an ongoing metamorphosis in your exterior (since last spring?) puts pressure on you. You\'ll need to keep a close eye on events (14th, 28th). Your future is at stake and you\'re aware of it (March 10).

Social Life: Major challenges.

In January (January 10, 12, 18, 19),you\'ll be working tirelessly and with determination to speed things up. A new page in your personal history is opening up, and you have every intention of turning this corner to your advantage. Just be careful (on the 27th) not to take yourself too seriously, to take center stage without leaving room for others. A transformation, a mutation of your objectives is taking shape, and you\'ll probably have to discuss it with your hierarchy in February (5th, 28th). If you want to be heard, let your charm work (22nd) and avoid raising your voice (14th). In March, think about your interventions and watch your back (10th).

Well-being: Channel your energies.

If you\'re not lacking in energy or the desire to carve out your own path, take care not to let your determination become obsessive this winter. Of course, you can\'t afford to miss a single episode of a personal transformation or destiny in progress. But that\'s no reason to try and lay down the law anywhere. Opt for a gentler, more diplomatic strategy than a warlike one if you want to end the season on \"on\" rather than \"off\".

Taurus First decan: your advice for for Winter 2024

A winter that puts you on the right track, but could encourage some overzealousness or abuse of authority, which you\'ll have to try to curb to accompany a major change that\'s underway and could take some time. So be prepared to go the distance.

Taurus Second decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2024

(2nd May to 11th May)

Love: Need air.

Do you aspire to free yourself from guardianships that prevent you from being fully yourself? Count on liberating flows in January (10th, 28th, 29th) to break with an alienating past. You\'ll stop at nothing to try and embody this authentic facet of your being. This situation is not necessarily conducive to emotional commitments, even if it in no way prevents you from forging (renewing) ties in a less fusional mode in February (on the 7th). The trick is to avoid any rapprochement that could set you back (8th, 17th, 25th). A new life cycle takes shape from the 21st onwards, and you\'ll be chatting happily on the subject at the end of February (29th) and in March (1ster , 4th).

In Relationship

You\'re not (any longer) going to operate as you did in the past, but rather you\'re going to be able to ride the winds in January, which will help you to revisit your ways of operating in love in a less stifling way (on the 10th, 28th, 29th). In February (8th, 17th, 25th),you won\'t want to make the slightest concession on the subject, and will find a way to connect with others in a different way (7th). Another cycle of life and growth begins on the 21st and should meet your expectations (29th) and in March (1ster , 4th).


You\'ve changed inside and now aspire to live in a relationship that allows you to evolve according to your own ideas, without confining yourself any longer. In January, you can count on a favorable climate for your growth in this direction (10th, 28th, 29th). There\'s no question of giving up this new freedom of being in February. Even if you have to cast off (8th, 17th, 25th). It\'s up to you to redefine other codes (7th). From February 21, a new cycle of self-expression begins. Do your utmost to ensure that it reflects your new values (29th) and in March (1ster , 4th).

Social Life: Free spirit?

Would you like to be free to express yourself without always feeling obliged to follow the trend and restricted in your creativity and originality of tone? If so, you\'ll be delighted by the energies that expressly invite you to be a free electron in January (10th, 27th, 28th, 29th). The same goes for February (17th),if you refrain from tackling your superiors a little too head-on, as they may be tempted to put the brakes on your flights of fancy (8th, 17th, 25th, 27th). Your projects will have every chance of seducing at the end of the month (29th) and at the beginning of March (1ster , 4th) if you carefully avoid provoking everyone (3rd, 9th).

Well-being: Breathe!

Spring-loaded and eager for the freedom of expression you\'ve so long lacked, you won\'t be afraid to assert your new expectations and ambitions this winter. This approach could enable you to approach life (private and professional) from a different angle, more in tune with who you\'ve become over time. It\'s a way of operating that\'s akin to a call for air. So you can breathe easier, spread your wings and be reborn.

Taurus Second decan: your advice for for Winter 2024

A winter that invites you to break with an idea of yourself that has had its day. Can\'t stand being locked into a straitjacket that keeps you at the mercy of others? This is the ideal time and season to break away.

Taurus Third decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2024

(12th May to 20th May)

Love: Don't muddy the waters!

Creative exchanges about an inspiring project at the beginning of the season (December 25, 29)? If, however, you avoid imposing anything on anyone (28th). It\'s not certain that your demands will be well received by the other person in January (9th, 19th). Instead, offer to broaden your perspectives together (on the 16th). The best way to start (or continue) a long journey together in February (2nd, 8th, 13th) and end the season in harmony, united around the same vision of the future (8th, 17th March).

In Relationship

If the season gets off to a good start, and your partner seems willing to follow you in your prospects and projects in December (December 25, 29),make sure he or she shares all your aspirations (December 28). This will help you avoid sowing seeds of mistrust in January (9th, 19th). Make every effort to discuss the subject conscientiously (16th). In February (2nd, 8th, 13th),you\'ll really feel at one with the other, and will be ready to embark on an adventure together in March (8th, 17th).


Beautiful openings, inspiring encounters at the end of December (25th, 29th) to be preserved by not blurring the frequency on the 27th, 28th when some of your demands may not be to the other person\'s liking. In February, avoid creating a less than artistic vagueness in the mind of the person you like by expressing desires that could make them want to flee (on the 9th, 19th). Instead, opt for exchanges that will help elevate the debate (16th). This approach should enable you to draw the other person into your world and make them want to continue the journey in your kind company.

Social Life: Go easy on your partners!

A well-functioning partnership with the same objectives, looking to the same future at the end of December (25th, 29th)? Preserve them at all costs, without imposing anything on anyone. At the risk of generating regrettable misunderstandings (27th, 28th). The same goes for January, when, if you take your desires for orders, it\'s doubtful that anyone will really want to follow your lead (9th, 19th). On the other hand, if you make your partners dream (16th),you\'ll have a better chance of drawing them into your world (16th). This will give you the opportunity to carry out inspiring projects together in February (2nd, 8th, 13th) and to put your finger on an ideal in March (8th, 17th)?

Well-being: Don't play against your own side!

You\'ll be ready to take off at the start of the season, when inspiring prospects unfold and often land you. The only precaution to take this winter is to make sure you\'re not held up in mid-flight, and to keep your spirits high. Simply refrain from communicating in a way that could confuse the issue (especially in January). This approach would only undermine the ground and delay your flight.

Taurus Third decan: your advice for for Winter 2024

Winter is kind to you and favors the realization of certain projects that are close to your heart, but you\'ll have to manage them conscientiously to avoid any slip-ups. Particularly in January, when you\'ll be a little too inclined to try to pull the wool over your eyes. Let\'s hear it...

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