Taurus, your love horoscope for Spring 2023

Written by Daisy

Spring will be subject to powerful currents which, if they influence mainly the first decan, could shake up everyone around May 18 and June 19. While some will have to do everything to adapt and keep up, others will benefit from a relative celestial lull that will allow them to blossom more at ease and prepare for the advent of a new cycle that could begin as early as May 16 for some while others will have to wait until next year to finally move forward.

Taurus First decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(21st April to 1st May)

Love: Some turmoil to be expected.

Not sure if your emotional life is really your priority this spring when you will have to deal with the influence of Pluto. Will your destiny change? Changes of direction that will take time to materialize? From May 16 onwards, Jupiter will enter your decan and will collide with Pluto on the 18th. This planetary encounter could prove decisive for the future. So, in full possession of your means and ready to initiate a new cycle of expansion (sentimental or not) you will be faced with (difficult?) choices to make? No doubt you will find the means to open up the future in a less radical, more progressive way in June (around the 19th).

In Relationship

You will experience (between March 23 and June 11) a first Pluto salvo that could well transform your roadmap immediately or in the coming years. If you have been longing for a change in your life, pay close attention to the flows that will cross your sky around May 18 and could push you to change the course of your destiny. You will certainly be in a better position to deal with them in a constructive way in June (19th). Whether it is on an emotional or other level, once this process has begun, nothing will be the same as before.


Jupiter will cross paths with Pluto on May 18. A clash of titans that should change your trajectory whether it be on a private, professional, social, intellectual or all at once. Expect to be destabilized (even if you\'re the one who somehow initiated the change). In 2023 and the years that follow you will all be led to evolve radically, but can count on Saturn this year to calm the game down a bit or at least put it on the right tracks. Constructive tracks (around June 19).

Social Life: A turn to take (or to consider)?

Willing to defend your ideas between March 25 and April 14? However, expect to have to deal with delays that will get on your nerves a bit from April 21 onwards. Be patient, as discussions will only really start to flow more smoothly from May 15 onwards. If not? The sky will probably confront you with some difficult choices to make around May 18. You will realize that changes in direction are necessary, but could turn your life completely upside down. You will probably be in a better position to manage them consciously in June (19th) when Saturn will invite you to move slowly but surely towards your goals.

Well-being: To face.

You are likely to be a bit shaken up this spring as the cosmos has you in its sights. There is no question of trying to avoid the big changes that are coming, but rather to prepare yourself to welcome them and to manage them in the most lucid and open manner possible. This will help you to avoid the fears and doubts that may assail you when you realize that, despite your innate need for security, it is time to take a step forward, to change.

Taurus First decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

A season that challenges you and not the least. Count on the Jupiter-Pluto duo fighting it out in May (around the 18th) to get you off your feet. Tackle this test without being tempted to turn your back on it.

Taurus Second decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(2nd May to 11th May)

Love: Freedom granted.

Uranus, who has been pushing you to emancipate yourself, to demand that you be allowed to breathe more, will leave your decan on May 28. Mission accomplished. Nothing and no one will stop you from being yourself. There is no question of staying in line with what is assigned to you. Take advantage of this new state of mind to live your love life in a more inventive, less conventional way at the end of March (30th). Venus will allow you to communicate, to pass on your messages gently to your loved ones between May 16 and 26 and will favor any kind of rapprochement within the clan between June 16 and 29. An ideal season to assert yourself without making waves.

In Relationship

If you have often had to fight to get people to accept that you have changed, to finally respect your identity and your need to evolve in a more autonomous way with your family or partner, this spring you should have the opportunity to see that your quest has not been in vain and that you can now impose your way of being and seeing on others. You will know perfectly well how to slip in the messages you want your loved ones to remember now and always.


Uranus has certainly favored your independence (from your clan?) which will allow you to assert yourself without having to raise your voice. The free electron of the zodiac will turn its heels from May 28 onwards. You will certainly be pleased to see that you no longer have to get angry to have your demands taken into account. Take advantage of this hard-won freedom to forge new bonds that respect your autonomy in your family and initiate similar encounters in love.

Social Life: You don't blend in anymore.

Uranus has certainly awakened in you the desire to renew your codes and methods and to step out of the box. You no longer want to adhere to a routine that used to weigh you down and restrict your creativity. From now on, you aspire to fly on your own wings, to be noticed, to change your record. As long as your needs are respected, you\'ll go along with it, but if someone tries to corner you, you\'re not sure they\'ll succeed. You will not have your equal to make the difference, to impose your views at the end of April (the 24th, the 29th),to surprise in May (the 9th) and to seduce (the 26th). Finally a season that leaves you free to move and could finally crown with success your thirst to be yourself.

Well-being: Yes !

If Uranus, present in your decan since the summer of 2020, has been able to electrify you, push you to excess, accelerate your heart rate or expose you to incidents, the electric planet leaves your decan on May 28. Less stress and a fading sense of urgency? You have probably passed a difficult stage that will allow you to evolve more in line with your own ideas and thus be less subject to external pressures.

Taurus Second decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

A spring that a priori is good for you. Your entourage has now heard and integrated your messages and should therefore let you off the hook. This is an opportunity for you to finally evolve as you wish without having to constantly answer to everyone else.

Taurus Third decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(12th May to 20th May)

Love: Period of transition?

A new version of yourself continues to mature in the shadows, but may not emerge yet this spring. Jupiter continues to prepare the ground (until mid-May) while Uranus invests your decan from the 28th. Do you feel the desire to free yourself from ways of functioning that no longer seem relevant or belong to the past? Try to make others understand that you are changing. Venus will exalt your influence between April 2 and 11. This is an opportunity to rally people around your ideals (on the 7th). The tender planet will also help you to make those around you aware of your new aspirations between May 26 and June 5.

In Relationship

You will probably feel the urge to break with behaviors that lock you into a version of bonding and commitment that has run its course. Uranus from the end of May will push you to take a step forward, to claim more autonomy. It is out of the question that you constantly accept the opinion of those around you from whom you will (in one way or another) distance yourself. The trick is to proceed smoothly, without necessarily breaking the ties. Until next year when you will definitely open a new page in your personal history.


If Jupiter allows you to nourish (for the time being still in the shadows) a thirst to assert yourself, you will probably have to wait until 2024 to actually move to the front line. However, count on Uranus (from May 28) to stimulate your desire to emancipate yourself, to blossom less under the influence of those around you who have too often dictated your behavior. Rely on your power of seduction at the top (between April 2 and 11) to bewitch whoever you want and on a smooth communication (between May 26 and June 5) to make people want to follow you.

Social Life: On the way.

It is not necessarily this spring that you will make sparks fly. You will be more focused on refining your strategies than on acting on them, which will probably only happen next year. However, you will be very closely affected (from the end of May onwards) by the Uranian currents that will come to tarnish your desire to cast off, to claim an originality of tone or (and) a thirst for autonomy that could end up upsetting the situation. If you have been longing to realize an ideal, to follow a path that is more like you, follow your inner guide for the time being until you move into higher gear (in 2024).

Well-being: Don't slow down.

From May 28 onwards, Uranus will certainly shake your feathers a little (a lot). It is no longer a question of humming along, of going with the flow, but rather of quickly taking into account a desire to move the lines, to renew yourself, which will impose itself as time goes by. To avoid this little earthquake destabilizing you too much, become fundamentally aware that it is time for you to change. The best way to prepare yourself to ride the wave.

Taurus Third decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

This is a season to be approached with an open mind to certain new currents likely to make you jump out of your chair. If nothing really moves this spring, expect to have to deal with a growing impatience with constraints and habits that will end up grounding you.


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