Pisces's horoscope for September 2021

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for September 2021

The Sun is opposite your sign until the 22nd and Mars until the 15th. There will be conversations, discussions, and sometimes conflicts. Find a balance and make concessions. Until the 10th, you will benefit from the tremendous influence of Venus in Scorpio to get to the bottom of things gently and install or re-establish the harmony you need to feel at peace. Uranus in Taurus encourages you to make the necessary changes to resolve specific situations. Neptune inspires you, and Pluto consolidates all your changes.

Pisces: Mood for September 2021

Your desires and appetites are exalted, sensuality and delicacies are on the agenda. You develop your artistic talents in a harmonious atmosphere. Your entourage seeks your company and admires your sense of aesthetics. You are not lacking in recognition, and this warm climate puts you in an excellent mood. However, avoid risky activities during the first fortnight! You are not managing your energies very well, and you could get hurt, exhausted, or do something stupid. Unexpected events change your views on your life and those around you. Stay alert and enterprising, so you can take advantage of positive changes and build a better life.

Pisces: Love for September 2021

Venus is exalting your love life, but some aspects of the past are causing more frustration than fulfillment. Learn from your past stories to transform current and future ones. You can communicate about your daring ideas, but you must control your originality to not worry the other person. Your original ideas are not necessarily easy to understand for your other half. Clarify your proposals to reinforce cooperation or reconciliation and to share intense moments by maintaining the relationship.

Pisces: Money for September 2021

If you need funds to launch a project, don't overly solicit your supporters, as they may become exhausted or weary. Venus provides you with financial support from the 10th, which will be a good time to invest, save, or spend wisely. Your intuition can significantly help you make suitable investments. You have the qualities required to get a bonus, a premium, or a substantial raise, so take advantage of it. Don't be too quick to give in to the urge to buy expensive things. You are a little too sensitive to luxury in September!

Pisces: Work for September 2021

You will learn from what you have accomplished and move forward with full knowledge of the facts. However, you may feel frustrated if your ambitions come up against a wall, but this does not prevent you from investing yourself successfully to change the situation. In September, you will have at your disposal beneficial influences that will allow you to make an impression, but do not abuse these facilities to play your charm. Don't attack anyone. Use your strategy to serve an ideal and open the way to a dream.

Pisces: Leisure for September 2021

You enjoy beautiful creativity, and you should take advantage of it to devote yourself to art that you like. Whether it's drawing, music or literature, any occupation will benefit you, as it will relax you and change your mind. Moreover, the result will probably be very flattering and will increase your self-confidence and popularity. For the rest, choose collective activities, team sports, or family games. It is in harmony with others that you will have the best moments.

Pisces: Key dates for September 2021

- On the 5th, use your sense of strategy. Learn from the past rather than obey fads that have run their course.

- On the 6th, some desires obsess you and could lead you down the wrong path. But if you use your energy to convince, you will steer your future in the right direction. Rely on your power of seduction to strengthen your ties with those who support your interests and love you.

- On the 17th, take advantage of the attention of those around you to share your vision of the world. But do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the past. Learn from what you have experienced rather than drowning in your memories (and not necessarily the best ones).

- On the 22nd, negotiations stall. If you have a project in mind, don't ask too much of those with power and money. Take the time to influence them to your advantage.

- On the 29th, you get closer to an ideal that inspires you, and you should be close to your goal. This is the time to use your resources to take a step forward into the future, finally free of what has been holding you back.

Pisces: Advice for September 2021

To best manage your life in September, get all your messages across smoothly, build real collaboration, and give others as much as you give yourself. The only way to evolve in September is to take the time to think before you act. Use your energies wisely so that you can have them for a long time to come. Spend them, but not without counting them.

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