Aquarius's horoscope for September 2020

Written by Daisy

It's a tiring start to fall for everyone. While some enjoy relative immunity, others have to break with a past that restricts their personal expression. We must take on challenges to emancipate ourselves, or even transform into a better version of ourselves and evolve constructively. But not without struggles or aggression to curb. In short, it's a real back-to-school month, with its share of homework to do and mistakes to avoid.

Aquarius: Love horoscope for September 2020

Love: Don't Go it Alone!

At the beginning of the month, Venus urges you to serve the community and smooth things over, and from the 6th, she invites you to stay tuned to your partner. It is up to you to take a step towards those you love who expect a lot from you. Redouble your efforts and benevolence to open constructive dialogue and get everyone to agree. Take advantage of the influence you have on your partner, Aquarius, to seduce and close ranks.

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): Undeniable Charm!

Take advantage of a clement sky in September to play with your charms and get closer to those you love between the 6th and 15th: Venus facilitates harmonious exchanges and allows you to get your messages across smoothly. Hurry up and act because, from the 26th, Uranus sows a little disorder in the family by doing a final lap and pushing you to liquidate what must be so you can find a convenient place for you.

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th): Don't Cut Yourself Off from the Others!

You are changing your family ties and freeing yourself from codes that restrict your freedom to be and act. You benefit from support in the shadows to make things change harmoniously. Venus also invites you to listen to each other between the 15th and 24th. Your goodwill may be enough to ease the tensions that pollute the family atmosphere, but a legal problem or conflicting debates interfere in your exchanges on the 17th.

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th): Take Others into Account!

You are surfing on your inner perceptions and intuition to get rid of dust from the past and superfluous emotions. You redouble your zeal to overcome fears and blockages that slow down your evolution but do not short-circuit the daily routine. Remain courteous and attentive to those around you to continue your work in depth. The transformation is accelerating. On the other hand, caution is strongly recommended at the end of the month when, if you think you are above everything, you will fall from grace. Pass on your messages gently and renounce any excess of authority that might cause you to hold a grudge.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Don't withdraw into yourself, stay in touch with the world around you to constructively manage your family ties and your inner turmoil.

Aquarius: The thread of the month for September 2020

First Week,

The 1st, you know what to say to change things and transform your universe, discreetly but effectively. The 2nd, the Full Moon invites you to develop your potential and redouble your goodwill to meltdown resistance that is difficult to identify. In the family, some people use strategies to change a tense situation. The 3rd, rely on your flair and intuition to overcome fears or complexes that prevent you from being fully yourself. The 4th, it is by redoubling your zeal and strategic initiatives that you will succeed in keeping the debates open, not by attacking those around you.

The Second Week,

The 9th, shadow advisors help you make the right decisions to speed up your transformation and remove elements from the past that are weighing down your personality. The 11th, try to clearly define the means at your disposal to evolve without putting yourself in danger.

The Third Week,

The 14th, you move towards a better knowledge of yourself, towards the emergence of a personality with free and full expression. The 15th, stay tuned to the family so that you don't end the day disappointed with the result. The 17th, if you are right to be ambitious, spare those who defend your interests and listen to their recommendations. The New Moon invites you to negotiate and make your situation and your exchanges evolve constructively. Draw on your deep resources to overcome the often unconscious barriers that delay your development.

The Fourth Week,

The 21st, if your aspirations for liberation seem legitimate, avoid expressing them confusingly or excessively. The 23rd, to convince those around you of your ability to achieve what drives you, express your expectations without ambiguity so that no one doubts your good intentions. The 24th, offensive and a little aggressive do not expect to win the votes by using the dominant method. We do not like your demonstrations of authority. The 29th, it is the attentive listening of others that will bear fruit. If you persist in pursuing your approach without nuancing your approach, prepare yourself to end the day and the month badly.

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