Virgo's horoscope for October 2025

Written by Daisy

The financial sphere could become more important during the month! The energies in Libra (the Sun until the 23rd, Mercury until the 6th, and Venus from the 15th to the 30th) infuse your sign with practical desires. You will focus on what you have. Venus in your sign until the 13th brings to your aura a pleasant softness and benevolence. Mars in Scorpio, in a beautiful aspect, boosts your morale, which will be good for supporting a relationship you can count on. Your projects will be serious, or they will not have any chance of coming to fruition (last decan). Neptune, in retrograde, returns to test your most intimate relationships: will they resist? Uranus shakes up your professional sector: expect the unexpected. The end of the month favours your neighbours and your displacements.

Virgo: Love in General para October 2025

Virgo: Love carries you this month! Until the 13th, you embody your feelings. You are not afraid to express them or live them. Be yourself! Mars boosts your desires with strength and sensitivity. You could seduce with very powerful and true words. You aspire to find your alter ego, will you succeed?

Virgo: In a relationship para October 2025

Virgo: Harmony awaits you this month. Plan the first fortnight with your partner, your intellectual and carnal exchanges will offer you some nice moments. After the 15th, questions of money will hardly hinder your mutual understanding.

Single para October 2025

Virgo: The social sector helps you meet new people. See your friends as much as possible. Your sensitive side will be attractive from the 1st to the 13th. Afterwards, a hair of possessiveness could tarnish your image. A slightly offbeat person could come back into your life, would you like that?

Virgo: Career / Finance para October 2025

Virgo: Some surprises will be probable on the financial level under the effects of Neptune (last decan), whereas Saturn announces a contractual rigour. Remain concentrated and serious about limiting these delicate celestial impacts. After the 15th, a cash flow is not excluded or an improvement of your principal income: a raise?

Virgo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para October 2025

Virgo: A month with relative challenges that your industrious nature will face with pragmatism. Relax as a couple or with your friends. Sensitivity in the broadest sense is your key to being fulfilled this month.

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