Gemini's horoscope for October 2025

Written by Daisy

Love brings you a few challenges to face. The energies in Libra up to the 23rd (the Sun and Mercury from the 1st to 6th) promote your creativity, your favourites, and your relationships with your children if you are parents. You are very active in your professional sphere thanks to Mars in Scorpio and the Sun that joins on the 24th. You could score points, especially since Mercury, also in this sign from the 7th to 29th, facilitates strategic negotiations. A healthy evolution is emerging under the influx of a well aspected Jupiter for your sign. An increase in your income is likely. Uranus boosts the 1st decan, between originality and a stroke of genius. This decan could do wonders! Saturn returns in Pisces: what do you have to review about your destiny?

Gemini: Love in General para October 2025

Gemini: Until the 13th Venus rages in your family sphere, good diplomacy will promote a relaxed atmosphere. Then Venus slides into Libra and pushes you to love with grace and elegance, which will counterbalance the effects of Mars, amplifying your desires with a touch of excess. Communicate with tact.

Gemini: In a relationship para October 2025

Gemini: Watch your temperament, which could be electric, especially for the 1st decan. But everyone's deep and delicate feelings ensure a pleasant agreement. Of course, you will have to manage a demanding libido, measure your impulses, or you will reap the opposite of what you hope for!

Single para October 2025

Gemini: Bet on your professional sector to meet someone. Although it's not always for the long-term, does it bother you? Love could also be embodied during a family reunion or through friends. You will convince, and your charm will act with subtlety.

Gemini: Career / Finance para October 2025

Gemini: Money shouldn't be a problem, especially if you are reluctant to get into shady schemes. After the 20th, continue on your way with integrity, and Saturn's energies will act with less rigour on your professional destiny. Accept delays and possible complications. Time will sort it out.

Gemini: Advice from FREE Horoscope para October 2025

Gemini: Concentrate your efforts on the professional sphere, and this month should fill you up. There will be a time to work and another to have fun, so be sure to act at the right time.

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