Cancer's horoscope for October 2025

Written by Daisy

The monthly energies illuminate your family or real estate business until the 23rd. At the end of the month, there is either a conflict resolution or very nice news. Your behaviour will be dictated by your feelings with strong desires and chances of realizing them. Saturn, in its beautiful aspect, favours events that can take you far and wide. For the second decan, Jupiter distils a beautiful enthusiasm and a frank dynamism capable of dragging others in your wake. Supervise the professional sphere. Neptune seeks to pick a fight. Pay attention! On the 20th, Neptune also seeks to awaken your conscience on an aspect that could have escaped you. From the 13th, you may feel an irrepressible call for a major change. After the 24th, love occupies your thoughts.

Cancer: Love in General para October 2025

Cancer: Until the 13th, Venus helps you communicate your feelings with clarity. Then you feel more susceptible, hesitant, or a bit of an emotional imbalance. But it's nothing impossible while Mars boosts your desires and sensual impulses. You will know who you like and how to adjust your approach!

Cancer: In a relationship para October 2025

Cancer: Hot under the comforter! Cold or not, your carnal energy at its peak should warm up your other half with a lot of intensity! Your feelings will be all the more alive from the 1st to the 13th. You will communicate joyfully, and then you will appreciate your cocoon all to yourself.

Single para October 2025

Cancer: Spirited and very entrepreneurial, you could change your emotional status this month. Aim for effective communication, especially after the 6th, and for an emotional expression that is alternately intellectual and emotional. Show yourself as you are.

Cancer: Career / Finance para October 2025

Cancer: Pluto is pampering your financial sector. Do you have any investments or reasons to hope for an imminent income? After the 13th, this could happen, especially for the first decan. Be aware of career changes, read between the lines and leave nothing to chance. Jupiter gives you a nice dose of self-confidence, great!

Cancer: Advice from FREE Horoscope para October 2025

Cancer: There will be some professional challenges ahead. Don't rest on your laurels, and everything will return to normal. The emotional sphere is promising. Your vibrant heart should be there!

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