Leo's horoscope for October 2024

Written by Daisy

Jupiter restores momentum to your relationship. It encourages you to put projects in place. To do this, he creates circumstances that make you meet the right people at the right time. With the energies that emanate from Libra, the exchanges are happy. Partnership proposals are on the horizon. In this state of mind, you have the feeling that things are moving in the right direction, and you are right. Alas, these planets do not remain indefinitely in Libra. Their passage in Scorpio awakens the dissonances of Uranus. Other people intervene, and they are much less agreeable than others. Do not alienate because it will not help your business. Instead, consider their requirements. In doing so, you will go further than expected.

Leo: Love in General para October 2024

Leo: This month, you're doing everything wrong. Or, you provoke conflicts to determine the love your fans have for you. On the spot, this can succeed, but in the long run, it could cause unwanted breaks. Find another way to get declarations of love.

Leo: In a relationship para October 2024

Leo: You prefer to be at the head of operations. This month, another person is taking this place. If you become shady, it will spoil the atmosphere. So, cut some slack and your other half will be grateful.

Single para October 2024

Leo: If that special someone you covet does not pay enough attention, do not cause conflict. Why? Because they could create a brutal break and then you would have a hard time catching up. Stay zen.

Leo: Career / Finance para October 2024

Leo: Until the 21st, the Sun in Libra accentuates your charisma with your professional partners. If you have claims to make, this will be the right time. However, watch out for a bit of Mercury until the 13th, which accentuates a relational intensity detrimental to your interests. Do not hold on to your positions, stay open, and everything will be better. Then, Venus slides into Sagittarius on the 17th and facilitates your initiatives or your creations. Jupiter, in beautiful aspect to your sign, supports your network, possible partnerships, and financial support from the state, even more so after the 10th. Uranus in the square of your sign obliges you to temper your ambitions. You will know how to be patient!

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para October 2024

Leo: If you are convinced that some people are shading you, you will create unnecessary conflicts. See them in their best light. In doing so, you will find that they are very friendly.

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