Aquarius's horoscope for October 2024

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for October 2024

Dreams fill the minds of some, and tender projects seem to come to fruition. It's also an opportunity to take the forefront professionally. However, others must contend with a tight budget to hope to impress those in high places without being overly optimistic. Still, some rely on their popularity and creativity to achieve their ambitions, whether in business or love.

Aquarius: Mood for October 2024

Opt for a nuanced approach with your surroundings to avoid alienating those who could be useful in supporting your ambitions. Stay patient despite the urge to speed things up; keep your tone down. Remain available and helpful.

Aquarius: Love for October 2024

Your social ambitions take precedence over your quest for love. Even though one doesn't necessarily hinder the other, you expend more energy trying to impress the hierarchy than to please your partner.

In a relationship: you're not very present at home; explain to your beloved that you're focusing on advancing with your superior to meet your demands.

Single: more inclined to use your seductive power for more practical purposes than truly romantic ones, your primary goal is to charm your superiors to garner their support for your ambitions.

Aquarius: Money for October 2024

The sky limits your means and encourages you to save rather than spend recklessly. If your requests are granted, you'll have to make do with little.

Aquarius: Work for October 2024

Strive to prove to those in charge that you can serve the company's interests as much as your own. You'll gain more by charming than by forcing anyone's hand.

Aquarius: Leisure for October 2024

Venus increases your desire to shine in society. Don't hesitate to frequent circles that could foster your expansion to attract attention to yourself.

Aquarius: Key dates for October 2024

The 6th: don't overdo it; others perceive that you're working solely for your own benefit, so tone it down if you don't want to displease.
The 13th: past failures, doubts, complexes, and a certain lack of self-confidence interfere with the realization of your otherwise legitimate ambitions. Avoid overthinking and especially ruminating.
The 17th: rely on your charisma to strengthen your popularity and make those who observe you want to defend your interests. The full moon favors communication; it's not the time to stay silent.
The 25th: you spare no effort to evolve your situation and innovate within your family. If you want to break free from past conditioning, take action.
The 28th: you're striving to exploit and express your potentials. This broadening of your skills promotes the improvement of your income. However, others must revise their projects downward.

Aquarius: Advice for October 2024

If you rely on your charm to get ahead, keep in mind that the numbers are decreasing. So, take it easy.

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