Pisces's horoscope for October 2024

Written by Daisy

Jupiter makes suggestions. Alas, with the dissonances that connect it to your sign and Saturn, they do not seem satisfactory to you. These energies, which are still positive, do not have the potential that you are looking for fundamentally. You need more. With the return of Pluto in Capricorn and the precious competition of energies in Scorpio, destiny does things well. What it offers you is less ostentatious certainly, but it is very interesting for your evolution. It may even be exactly what you want in the long run. Even though the events start quickly, you have time to think. If you need to discuss it, you can count on your most loyal friends and their wise advice.

Pisces: Love in General para October 2024

Pisces: The beneficial aspect that connects Mars with Cancer to Venus in Scorpio gives a little boost to your loves. He brings them out of their torpor, but in happy and serene circumstances. So, you feel more confident. You are willing to engage seriously with someone.

Pisces: In a relationship para October 2024

Pisces: Your activity is paramount. If your other half follows you in your ascent, all is well. You will make plans for the future. If, on the other hand, this is not the case, you will isolate yourself as you go along.

Single para October 2024

Pisces: This month, fate does an excellent job of getting you to meet someone in your industry. The affinities are obvious. At the end of the month, your charm attracts another person. Do not get distracted.

Pisces: Career / Finance para October 2024

Pisces: Taken aback by the atmosphere, you may feel it's a little bit difficult to get to work this month, especially during the first fortnight. However, a timely return of money could help you facilitate a professional purchase or modify your work. Did you initiate this? Mars, in a beautiful aspect to your constellation, reinforces your energy. You will not feel tired and will be firing on all fronts. As of the 13th, your rising morale allows you to consider changes you aspire to, which, as of the 21st, could take place. Accept what happens, that's how you will evolve!

Pisces: Advice from FREE Horoscope para October 2024

Pisces: This month, fate takes the lead. So trust it and surpass yourself like you know how to do. As for evil spirits, leave them aside.

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