Taurus's horoscope for October 2024

Written by Daisy

Venus is in Scorpio from the 1st to the 17th. Mercury joins her on the 14th, and the Sun settles in this sign on the 23rd. By nature, these energies tend to turn you upside down. They make you a possessive person and a bit obtuse. Alas, these flaws spoil your relationships with others. If you want to avoid this, hold on to Saturn in Pisces and Mars in Cancer. Avoid getting involved when circumstances get complicated. Take people by feelings instead of imposing your ideas on them. Also, the stars suggest you do not address topics that annoy. In doing so, these energies will act to your advantage. Thanks to them, a relationship or situation will evolve naturally without you having to intervene.

Taurus: Love in General para October 2024

Taurus: Wisdom recommends staying away when you feel things are getting complicated. Do not try to intervene even if the temptation is strong. In doing so, you will become a mystery to your fans. So, they will reveal the best of themselves to reach you.

Taurus: In a relationship para October 2024

Taurus: With Scorpio, your other half is more incisive than usual. If you enter his game, your relationship will become trench warfare. If, on the other hand, you continue to go about your business, the pressure will go down by itself.

Single para October 2024

Taurus: A relationship with a delicious person is on the way. It is, therefore, a sign that your method of approach is excellent. Your charm works wonders. Do not try to save time because it will produce the opposite effect.

Taurus: Career / Finance para October 2024

Taurus: Beautiful background energy instilled by Mars in Cancer in the harmonic aspect to your sign helps you act in the direction of your interests and allows an evolutionary collaboration with your professional partners. During the first fortnight, you are concentrated and efficient. Then on the 13th, Mercury in Scorpio complicates your relationships with others. Next, it is the turn of the Sun on the 21st to make the contractual atmosphere heavier. Weigh your words, and listen to others without preconceived ideas, work with certain flexibility. Venus in Sagittarius on the 17th could bring you unexpected financial help. It's a so-so month, be observant!

Taurus: Advice from FREE Horoscope para October 2024

Taurus: Take events and people with ease. When you feel the pressure go up a notch, let go. Do not invest in external causes.

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