Sagittarius's horoscope for March 2025

Written by Daisy

Until the 20th under the influence of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, a few family or household issues may arise (especially for the last decan). Stay calm and see it as something temporary. Then, the focus shifts to Aries with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and you will regain your legendary drive. The emotional sector in a broad sense is highly favored; indeed, children, love, or creative projects should bring you some lovely satisfactions. Jupiter in opposition to your sign enhances your intimate or associative relationships. Wise advice could be given to you by caring individuals, and commitments could be made, but Jupiter also intensifies any disagreements, so be conciliatory if necessary. Pluto bolsters your morale; for the 1st decan, you may uncover secrets and use them to grow.

Sagittarius: Love in General

This sector appears active and protected. The planets in Aries create a climate that suits you: dynamic, joyful, and passionate. Your feelings are expressed fervently, your words could touch loved ones deeply. Mars also boosts your libido, your knight-in-shining-armor side should shine through!

Sagittarius: In a relationship

Even though you still have a few domestic troubles to handle, your intimate relationship looks bright. You both give each other a lot of attention, and your partner feels the warmth of your feelings. Take this opportunity to forget about everyday life in each other's arms.


Throughout the month, you exude a powerful sex appeal that should attract some conquests you desire. From the 2nd to the 27th, your emotional expression is warm and lively, go out, an active person, confident and well-rounded, could cross your path.

Sagittarius: Career / Finance

The contract sector is abundant, Jupiter can favor a salary increase, a long-awaited promotion that finally comes, a more advantageous contract change! Be ready for proposals that come out of the blue, they are sometimes deserved and justified. A letter could also put a smile on your face.

Sagittarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope

Don't be alarmed by domestic worries if they arise; instead, open your hands and enjoy the beautiful emotional things that are on the horizon for you!

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