Gemini's horoscope for March 2025

Written by Daisy

You focus your attention on your work this month and on the projects you might have in mind. From the 1st to the 20th the sun in Pisces boosts your ambition, you want to develop your job, Jupiter at home also instills confidence in your abilities, ideal for this type of project! On the 20th, the sun joins Mercury and Venus in Aries, you feel the call of constructive militancy, your friendly circle responds present, charm and tactical intelligence help you make your place. Mars adds its touch of emotion in a financial sector, you will not give up anything to increase your income or live a rich sensuality. Saturn blocks a bit the last decan, accompany this process, while Pluto on the contrary opens the way to a radical change. (1st decan)

Gemini: Love in General para March 2025

Gemini: From the 1st to the 27th, you should have a conquering heart, a warm emotional expression, and the words to say it. Mars in Cancer accentuates your sensuality, but also a very marked possessiveness. Please avoid suffocating your partner for fear of losing him, that would be the method to make him take off!

Gemini: In a relationship para March 2025

Gemini: Cheerful and facetious, you will want to go out with your partner and enjoy the benefits of a complicity between the two of you. Nevertheless, Mars exposes you to a powerful libido and a possible touch of jealousy, trust your partner!

Single para March 2025

Gemini: Get out! Your chances of meeting are important throughout the month, the energies in Aries, Sun, Mercury, and Venus help you to meet your soul mate. Beware, Mars accentuates your emotional feverishness, be careful of unwelcome impatience.

Gemini: Career / Finance para March 2025

Gemini: Your career is clearly your concern until the 20th, you will be focused, determined to progress in your job. Your assets could benefit from an income linked to your catchy behavior (especially last decan) money or work, you will be combative! Your interpersonal skills are going to be chic and shocking, so avoid rushing your banker from the 2nd to the 27th.

Gemini: Advice from FREE Horoscope para March 2025

Gemini: This month is full of promise. Please do not get upset if a few things happen, they are life itself. You have everything you need to move forward with your projects, remain on fire!

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