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Written by Daisy

The angelic energies of Jupiter support the water and earth signs in Taurus. Unfortunately, they may be disappointed with specific proposals or encounter complications in seizing them. On the 11th, the transfer from Mars to Virgo will erase the difficulties that have arisen. Also, this energy that promotes reflection will encourage them to ask the right questions and go over everything before deciding. However, by its presence in Virgo, Mars is opposed to Saturn.

This astral dissonance can create some turbulence in relationships. Some will feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities they have not asked for. Others will not necessarily be objective, and their decisions will be irrational. On the worst days, certain events will remind them of bad memories, which will encourage them to refuse everything all together. Wisdom advises not to give in to these emotions and go straight to the point. Besides, it helps us not to rush, but to take the time necessary to weigh the pros and cons. That done, the best choice will impose itself, and everything will be fine.

As for the signs of air and fire, they receive the beneficial influxes of Mercury from the 12th, the Sun from the 24th, and Venus, in Leo, throughout the month. These Leo energies will bring them unexpected benefits. Also, they will encourage them to bounce back from what they started, or started, a few months ago. Those who wish can be inspired by Saturn or Jupiter, although they have no particular affinities with these energies. Some will find their financial account there. Others can achieve some stability if they wish.

On the other hand, the natives of Leo and Aquarius will have to meet challenges or surpass themselves for their aspirations to materialize. At the time, they will be surprised by methods or by certain obligations. By taking the time to tame them, they will find that they have significant advantages. On July 24th, Venus begins its retrograde. Beyond the fact that it will cause relational and sentimental misunderstandings, it will encourage us to take stock of feelings and desires. In doing so, the effects of this reverse will be mitigated for some and beneficial for others.

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2023 horoscope for all zodiac signs:

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