2024 horoscope for Virgo

Written by Daisy

Whether in love or business, you aspire to broaden your horizons, to assert your ambitions, and to be recognized for your talents and merits. Jupiter supports your aspirations until May 26, multiplying offers likely to set your ascent in motion. Some need to scrutinize the connections they maintain (private and social) and may go through a period of austerity in their exchanges. If communication issues exist, address the grievances together; otherwise, the relationship may deteriorate. Others benefit from golden opportunities to push their boundaries and involve their loved ones in the adventure of strengthening bonds through appealing and inspiring common goals. Don't miss any chance to instill in others the desire to follow you.

Virgo First decan, your 2024 horoscope

(23rd August to 3rd September)

Pluto has disrupted your daily life through a professional change or a change in your home habits, requiring you to adapt to a routine that disrupts your reference points. But these events serve your evolution. Around June 3, a promotion might be offered to you. Saturn, since March 7, has been urging you to examine your relational universe to see if it still meets your criteria. Saturn will move out of its influence zone starting March 1, 2024. Jupiter (until February 21) pushes your limits and allows you to seize opportunities that come your way between May 26 and July 9.

Love: The clouds are lifting!

Saturn has chilled your interactions since March 2023. Don't dodge this issue; get to the point, even if it means risking a breakup, to reconnect with a more honest communication with those around you. Your daily life is undergoing a major transformation; you need to change how you operate within the household or manage significant external changes. Jupiter (around June 3) promotes your fulfillment through a progression that pleases everyone. Venus enhances your personal radiance between January 23 and 31, inviting you to deliciously reconnect with someone between March 11 and 19, and inspires a tender plan between June 17 and 25. You shine brightly between August 5 and 13, display a will to live in harmony with your loved ones between October 17 and 26, and end the year beautifully, exuding irresistible charm (between November 11 and 20).

Social Life: The lines are shifting!

Whether you're comfortable in your job or looking to change, Pluto disrupts the rhythm. Under its influence, everything might seem to crumble, as Pluto ends whatever no longer allows growth. You have to cope with events pushing you out of your comfort zone, but to your benefit. Around June 3, circumstances favor your rise. Jupiter (between May 26 and July 9) attracts good fortune, so don't let these opportunities slip away. Mars boosts your creativity from January 4 to 17. You don't hesitate to pressure others to follow you (between March 23 and April 4),assert your ambitions between June 9 and 22, and make a public appearance in high places between July 20 and August 4. Full of plans (between September 4 and 22),you take a break (between November 4 and January 6) to refine your strategies and angles of attack.

Well-being: Take good care of yourself!

Under Pluto's influence, don't neglect self-care. Subjected to the pressure of this demanding planet, you're not immune to health impacts. Even if these changes are for the better in 2024, be proactive. Adopt a diet that meets your real needs, exercise, and learn alternative healthcare. Even if you're doing your best to make the most of events, don't push too hard. Avoid spending all your energy to eventually slow down at the end of the year (between November 4, 2024, and January 6, 2025) due to lack of fuel.

Virgo First decan: Your advice for 2024

2024 is filled with emotions and events that could potentially change your life's direction. To approach it calmly, face the transformations affecting your daily life, accept adaptation, and collaborate to attract good fortune (early June),and the attention of those in power. If you resist, you delay the time when your luck will turn.

Virgo Second decan, your 2024 horoscope

(4th September to 13th September)

Since April 2021, Uranus has been expanding your horizons, pushing your boundaries, and will complete its liberating work on March 13, 2024. You have taken advantage of this influence to free yourself from chains that limited your possibilities. Prepare from March 2024 to deal with Saturn urging you to reconsider your relational dynamics. Don't keep silent about what distances you from others; clearly express your feelings. Some personal expansion needs may pose problems and face resistance from others around August 19 and December 24.

Love: A testing year!

Uranus has led to a desire to push your boundaries, make bolder choices, and find freedom; some took the step, others did not. Prepare to encounter Saturn's hard law from March 1, as it influences your relationship and your concept of partnership. Don't avoid contentious topics; confront slightly disappointing or frustrating realities around August 19 and December 24 when your desire to shine meets some reluctance from your partner who reminds you of your duties. It's up to you to see if the relationship still holds its promises, if you still feel capable of making concessions. From your reflection will emerge a more objective concept of partnership. Some will lose their illusions, while others might consider breaking with a restrictive past. It all depends on the strength of the bond you form and what you can bear to keep it going.

Social Life: The weight of responsibilities!

Uranus has broadened your horizons and increased your thirst for discovery. Jupiter (between February 21 and April 13) reinforces this trend. You dream of vast spaces and want to try something new, somewhere else. But, in 2024, certain ties and duties hinder your desire to explore. Jupiter (from July 9 to September 10) offers opportunities to achieve your ambitions, but around August 19 and Christmas, you must be accountable to those to whom you've committed, and who call you to order. Negotiate so that everyone feels respected. Mars boosts your creativity between January 17 and 31. Between April 4 and 17, you pressurize others and redouble your efforts to assert your choices at the top (between August 4 and 19). You defend your projects (between September 22 and October 11).

Well-being: Balance to find!

Jupiter encourages you to outdo yourself and claim a front-line position, but Saturn hinders your flights around August 19 and Christmas. The stern planet asks you to balance your personal aspirations with your sense of responsibility. This pressure might dampen your spirits if you take everything seriously. Respect your commitments without giving up your ambitions. The task isn't easy, but if you give in, your relationships might not recover.

Virgo Second decan: Your advice for 2024

Whether on a relational or personal level, certain questions arise, and the answers you provide are crucial for the future. You need to let go without completely abandoning your ambitions, meet others' expectations without neglecting your own. Don't let others make you feel guilty, but remember that you're accountable. It's a challenging task, but not impossible.

Virgo Third decan, your 2024 horoscope

(14th September to 22nd September)

In search of something different, rely on Uranus from March 13th. Around April 21st, a sudden event changes the course of your life. Whether it's an offer or a decision you make, it helps to expand your horizons and spice up your life. The heavens tighten in love, making you want to commit around May 23rd, and nurtures perspectives you've had in mind for a long time. Jupiter (between September 10th and November 6th) provides you with opportunities to take off without waiting.

Love: Changing Atmosphere!

In 2024, you evolve existing bonds or aspire to meet an inspiring individual who matches your new standards. Around April 21st, the stars favor unique encounters or events that help you break with the past; it's time to challenge yourself. If you're already attached, your partner wants to join you, and if you have someone in mind, you make them want to journey with you. The sky encourages harmonious agreements around May 23rd. At the start of the year, you watch over your loved ones (between January 15-23) and your charm (between February 8-16) quenches your thirst for love. You commit between March 28th and April 5th, and you make tender plans between July 3rd and 11th. Rely on your personal radiance (between August 21st and 29th) to attract attention and on your power of seduction to rekindle the flame between November 28th and December 7th.

Social Life: Shuffle the Deck!

In 2024, Jupiter champions your interests, contributing to your rise and the achievement of your goals between April 13th and May 26th, and is particularly active around April 21st. Events destabilize you, pushing you out of your comfort zone. Don't cling to a security that suffocates you. Whether it's a choice or external pressure, this explosive circumstance encourages you to be more genuine, demanding more freedom in your endeavors. You're pleased with the result because, around May 23rd, the heavens confirm the path in which you flourish. Mars amplifies your creativity and need for recognition between January 31st and February 13th, and gives you persuasive power between April 17th and 30th. You assert your ambitions between July 6th and 20th and confront authority between August 19th and September 4th. You champion your projects with strength and determination between October 11th and November 4th.

Well-being: Slow Down?

In 2024, you have no time to rest. The first half of the year requires you to stay alert, attentive, and ready to seize opportunities (around April 21st and May 23rd). Do everything you can to maintain balance. If you fear not controlling emerging issues, engage in activities that allow you to clear your mind: yoga, Pilates, or jogging. Prioritize what helps you relax.

Virgo Third decan: Your advice for 2024

To make the most of events, set aside your analytical mind and tendency to dissect everything. In 2024, you are asked to react quickly and take risks. Channel your wilder side to infuse your sensible side with a touch of madness, which will help you embark on new adventures in 2024.

Virgo your 2024 horoscope, month after month

January 2024

Your horizons expand, and those who love you support and encourage your initiatives to break with the past.

February 2024

Everything seems possible, but when daily life calls you back to reality, you realize the obstacles to overcome.

March 2024

If you manage to communicate effectively, don't be aggressive; approach others to strengthen bonds and warm the atmosphere.

April 2024

The new moon on the 8th encourages you to use intuition and strategy for change. However, avoid pressuring exchanges.

May 2024

Express your expectations while respecting others' boundaries. Achieve your goals through cooperation rather than imposition.

June 2024

Though you shine socially, partners might not always appreciate your attitude and claims. Your arguments stand a better chance of persuading.

July 2024

Your conquering energy makes an impression. You appeal to many and should find covert supporters defending your interests.

August 2024

You work quietly yet effectively, exerting tremendous energy to assert yourself without forcing anyone.

September 2024


October 2024

Communicate gently rather than pressuring others. Beware (on the 28th) of differing opinions causing family issues.

November 2024

While you make yourself understood, things might get tense within the family. Use tenderness to melt resistances.

December 2024

Tensions arise on all fronts, leading to frustration and the urge to give up. Don't!

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