2023 horoscope Taurus

Written by Susan

At the beginning of the year, you find it difficult to find your bearings with Venus in Aquarius. Its detachment in love upsets you and annoys you. It is with the passage of Venus in Pisces that your loves regain their common sense. These influxes connect you to people with whom you have affinities. They dissipate misunderstandings in love. Between March and April, the confidence is reinstalled sincerely. Your loves take a fresh start. This year, if you are able to manage your possessiveness and your legendary stubbornness, your loves regain momentum, feelings and the comfort they have lost along the way.

Taurus, your Social life

In early March, the pressure releases. Your progress is simpler. Your qualities and competences recover the esteem of your entourage. You no longer need to make as much effort to succeed. The passage of Jupiter in your sign announces a new beginning. These influxes inspire ideas and especially projects. You find this optimism that makes you want to undertake, create and innovate. In short, Jupiter restores meaning to your existence! With Uranus in the zone, you reform what needs to be. With Saturn, in the back, your progress receives beneficial supports. You make up for lost time.

Well-being for the Taurus

With the departure of Saturn, you find your serenity and your natural placidity. You do not go straight away to trivialities. You take things relaxed. To preserve your physical and mental tone, do not just do nothing. The countryside, the open air, gardening, country walks, cycling tours will do you the greatest good this year.

Taurus: Your advice for 2023

Taking into account the good advice given to you and listening to your intuition, you put all the chances on your side to realize your ambitions and more.

The 2023 for all zodiac signs:

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