2022 horoscope Taurus

Written by Susan

You start the year with the support of Venus in Capricorn. It inspires you with different feelings. It acts on your inner self. It cleanses the past of disappointments, reproaches and bitterness. This year, your loves must be a source of inspiration. They must support you and accompany you in your projects. Between March and April, it is complicated with Venus who joins Saturn in Aquarius. In return, Jupiter and Mars in Pisces inspires you with peaceful feelings that defuse conflicts. At the beginning of the school year, the atmosphere is fluid, but autumn can be thwarted by triviality. In winter, it is nirvana.

Taurus, your Social life

You attack the year under the auspices of Jupiter in Pisces. Its influx is the result of projects, promises and commitments. This year, you receive the support of people who appreciate your talents. They encourage you to develop them or to structure them even more. You surf on a wave of ease that gives you confidence in yourself and your abilities. This comfort inspires you to go further or higher. This year, do not disagree with ideas that are contrary to your own or seem utopian. Take some distance from the reactions of certain people.

Well-being for the Taurus

Resuming an activity you've been wanting to for some time, but you were lacking the impetus and motivation! This year your resolution is likely to be implemented! It is quite possible that you start a hobby and that you are more passionate than you might imagine. End of January, Mars motivates you. With Pisces, in the spring, he anchors things.

Taurus: Your advice for 2022

This year, things are a lot easier for you. In return, keep a respectable and lovable distance with ideas, or people, who have the way of putting your nerves on edge.

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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