2023 horoscope Scorpio

Written by Susan

In February, Venus in Pisces sets your loves in a peaceful climate that is confirmed by Venus in Cancer in May and by Venus in Virgo in autumn. This atmosphere is thwarted by Venus in Taurus, but you have the resources to ease the tension. On the other hand, things get complicated with Venus in Leo between June and October. If you want your loves to project on the future, create bonds in your taste for discretion. Accept what shines and take things as they come. When the need is felt to soothe the excesses of ego with love.

Scorpio, your Social life

You begin the year with heavy constraints, which dissipate in early March, with the transfer of Saturn to Pisces. From this period, you find this fluidity that you lacked. Your actions meet with ease and take shape over time. For its part, Jupiter generates an expansive current through proposals and partnerships. You benefit from a notorious notoriety. We're looking for you. Your experience is solicited. Saturn encourages you to gently impose your conditions and set respectable limits. If you let time play in your favor, you will get what you want.

Well-being for the Scorpio

This year, Saturn puts you in a bubble of peace and serenity that you will definitely enjoy. You keep your distance from those that disturb you. You maintain close ties with those who love you and understand you. This state of grace resists shock and attempts at destabilization. You navigate in crystal clear waters with a serene and confident mind.

Scorpio: Your advice for 2023

Jupiterian dissonance creates tension, turmoil and imperatives. By being detached, you will return any situation in your favor and even that which will appear compromised.

The 2023 for all zodiac signs:

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