2023 horoscope Pisces

Written by Susan

At the end of January, Venus in Pisces takes care of your loves after a little empty passage. Cupid tightens ties that were becoming distant. It causes encounters. At the end of March, Venus in Taurus gives consistency to feelings. Your loves regain the confidence that had frayed. Mars in Cancer takes things in hand and holds your loves in a serene evidence. In summer, do not forget to be reassuring with little romantic attentions, if you wish to avoid annoyances. In the autumn, with Venus and Mars in Scorpio, your loves find their place in your life without disrupting it.

Pisces, your Social life

This year, you move with the influx of Saturn and Jupiter. This sextile concretizes your ideas and your projects, not necessarily very quickly, but surely and solidly. It expands on what you have undertaken. Your situation is expanding. Your efforts are rewarded. You are on a discrete, steady and balanced ascensional path that anchors you in a comfortable and reassuring existence. Saturn structures your personality while infusing it with maturity. It takes you to the essentials. As for Jupiter, it brings comfort and permanence to your actions and your existence.

Well-being for the Pisces

The transfer of Saturn in your sign suggests a few blows of untimely fatigue that you will have to manage and accept. This year, it is no longer time to force and insist, but to give yourself time for a rest when the need arises. The countryside, the outdoors, gardening and idleness will do you much good if you accept it.

Pisces: Your advice for 2023

This year, Saturn causes a feeling of heaviness? Let yourself be carried away by events instead of doing the opposite. Your life will be easier, smoother and lighter.

The 2023 for all zodiac signs:

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