2022 horoscope Libra

Written by Susan

Until March 6th, Venus set up a climate of tension. Fortunately, Venus in Aquarius chases away all this toxic resentment and you feel much better. In early May, Venus and Jupiter in Aries causes surprise by provoking love at first sight or an unexpected rapport. At the end of June, Venus in Gemini distills promises that are compromised by Venus in Cancer. Yes, but! Venus in Leo, with its magical powers, gives you hope. After an empty passage, your loves take on good resolutions. Until the end of the year, they fly over obstacles, thanks to Mars' astute discretion.

Libra, your Social life

Between May 11th and October 28th, the transfer of Jupiter to Aries causes a mini earthquake in your life. It upsets your gains and your certainties, while responding to your hopes. Jupiter in Aries, does not give in half measure. He makes you bold proposals and as a bonus, he asks you to decide quickly. To cope, Saturn helps you delay things. It encourages you to learn more and deepen some points. It gives you time to find a compromise that will benefit you, without pushing you to take inopportune risks.

Well-being for the Libra

There is a good chance that you will have trouble thinking about yourself this year and yet! With the odds, the unexpected and the opportunities that will present themselves, stress is waiting for you! So that it moves away from you, yoga, painting, music or dance would be very beneficial and would strengthen your physical, psychic and emotional traits.

Libra: Your advice for 2022

Faced with opportunities and opportunities, excesses and precipitation will lead you into a wall. On the other hand, compromises and moderation will lead you to success and happiness.

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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