2021 horoscope Leo

Written by Susan

Love: Conditional Openings!
Last year's economic situation has affected your daily life. Whether in your private life or your social and professional life. You have faced up to upheavals that have shaken your physical and moral equilibrium. But certain opportunities have presented themselves to get out of it. Count on 2021 to confirm these openings and take a step forward. You will have to deal with limitations, even frustrations, amigo Leo, but with the feeling that the horizon and the future are opening up.

In 2022, you'll see more clearly, but in the meantime, count on Jupiter to close ranks in love, to make interesting encounters or to get involved. If your duo falls apart, you can take advantage of the cosmic climate to separate. Venus favours tender exchanges between February 1st and 25th. She invites you to evolve the bond between March 21st and April 15th, make plans between May 9th and June 2nd and gives you a shining radiance between June 27th and July 22nd. You are listening to your loved ones between September 10th and October 7th, and you focus on your love and personal growth between October 7th and November 5th.

1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): Patience!
A strange cosmic mix that, in January and February, somewhat spoils the idyllic picture. Beware of any excessive excitement and take the other person's opinion into account before taking off without them. Between May 13th and July 28th, 2021, Jupiter favours positive changes: a strengthened collaboration or the arrival of money. You feel you can build more freely.

Venus brings you closer to whom you love between February 1st and 9th, you give meaning to the relationship, and you build tender projects between May 9th and 17th. Between June 27th and July 5th, you shine brightly, and between September 10th and 19th, you watch over your loved ones. Between October 7th and 16th, Venus encourages flashbacks, seductive encounters and your emotional development.

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): Concessions to be Made!
From January 31st to March 16th, Jupiter brings sunshine to your relationships. You close ranks or part amicably if the story has run its course. You make promising encounters, or you make commitments. After this benevolent period, Saturn, from the 16th, suddenly cools the atmosphere. Exchanges confronted with reality demand that you get involved more wisely. But, under the influence of Uranus from April 18th, you thirst for novelty and the desire to live elsewhere or otherwise. You demand that your partner follow you in your aspirations that they find marginal, even far-fetched.

An abrupt return to reality could generate frustrations around mid-June and Christmas. You compose between crazy dreams and harsh reality. Don't neglect the limitations that are opposed to you. You would only reinforce the criticisms and sanctions! Respond for the moment to what is expected of you. In 2022, you will be freer to build a world that tempts you. Venus favours encounters and the blossoming of your duet between February 9th and 17th, broadening your horizons between March 29th and April 6th, and exalts your loving imagination between May 17th and 25th. Your power of seduction increases between July 5th and 13th, while between September 19th and 28th, you take care of your own. Between October 16th and 26th, Venus strengthens your desire to love and your sensuality!

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Phew!
2020 exposed you to an end of a cycle that forced you to bend your back. But you benefited from the support of Jupiter, who, through relative chaos, offered you opportunities to get your head out of the water. In 2021, you suffer less from severe conditions. You surf on Jupiter, which, between March 16th and May 13th and then between July 28th and December 29th, reconnects you warmly to each other, helping you to close ranks or forge rewarding bonds.

Pluto continues the metamorphosis of your habits and alters your daily life so that you can rebuild it more in line with your evolution. But this year, you are enjoying a blossoming of your emotional or social ties. Take advantage of this opportunity to get involved and take a step forward in your relationship. You are more self-confident and ready to take the plunge from October 18th. The climate surrounding your relationships reconciles you with life. Venus exalts your radiance at the beginning of the year. She will encourage closer ties between February 17th and 25th. It makes you want to reach a personal ideal between April 6th and 14th. Between May 25th and June 2nd, you will be brimming with tender projects and shine brightly between July 13th and 22nd. You watch over the ones you care about with love between September 28th and October 7th, and you think only of love between October 26th and November 5th.

Advice from FREE Horoscope

2021 offers you opportunities to meet, engage, and warm the atmosphere between you and others. It's up to you to balance the desire to break away from the conditioning that restrains you and the need to take into account a climate that recommends caution. So you don't frighten your partner, keep your crazy ideas to yourself and take it easy so that they are willing to walk with you in 2021.

Leo, your Social life

Social life: Go Easy!
In 2021, Jupiter will help you expand your social life and associations. Whether you want to change a contract or sign a new one or get a more rewarding job, rely on Jupiter to show who you are and what you're worth. But don't take advantage of this opportunity to demand that you be allowed to do as you please. You'll have to take on your tasks without any leeway. You will not always live it well, and you may rebel. However, temper your impatience so you don't expose yourself to power struggles from which you will not always emerge victoriously. In 2022, you will be freer, amigo Leo, to express your originality.

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A year full of promises and constraints. Jupiter opens up new associations, but don't just do as you please. You have to obey a little to hope to express your potential and have the room to maneuver that suits you. Start by accepting a temporary restraint that will only loosen its grip if you have proven that you are a reliable and responsible partner.


1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): We Temper Impatience!
Expect to endure some pressure early in the year. In the first quarter, you defend the freedom to think and act that you are currently denied. You feel restrained, and you express your impatience. Beware of untimely outbursts that get you into trouble around January 17th and February 17th. Relational tensions affect your physical and moral balance. Calm this irritability not to expose yourself to inflammatory risks. Bend a little rather than break under duress.

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Be careful between April 23rd and May 9th: Mars, lurking in the shadow of your decan, pushes you to act unconsciously.

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): Temporarily Reduce the Wind in Your Sails!
A first quarter to be exploited to advance your pawns then, beware of a tendency to break free of rules that you should respect to keep the acquired advantages and an emotional and physical balance. You assert your independence from associates and partners around mid-June and Christmas, but sanctions could force you to follow the imposed path of responsibility. Don't try to free yourself from the constraints that force you to lower your voice. If you force your way, expect to be stopped in your tracks. Therefore, prefer to take it easy until 2022, when the path opens up, and you regain the means to achieve your ambitions.

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Stay in control of Mars, which evolves between May 9th and May 26th in the shadow of your decan. Well mastered, it gives you a strategy that you will use wisely. Driven by unconscious forces, it may cause you to act impulsively against your interests. Beware then of the risks of falls and inflammation around mid-June and Christmas.

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Good Regenerative Power!
Pluto pushes you out of your comfort zone. Accept moving forward and evolving without rebelling. Take advantage of a favourable state of affairs for your expansion to dress your possible wounds. Caution is advised between May 26th and June 11th: Mars, lurking in the shadow of your decan, can give you a precious sense of strategy or push you to act under the influence of unfortunate impulses.

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Pluto weakens your physical balance by destabilizing you and depriving you of the security of the past. But it is to regenerate better yourself and function in adequacy with what you are becoming. In 2021, count on a benevolent situation to rebuild your morale and your physique.

In 2022
Jupiter supports your expansion in 2022. If you are expecting an inheritance, a legal decision, or a return on investment, be confident. This giant of the zodiac persists and helps you seal the deal between May 10th and October 28th. He pushes the boundaries of the possible! You surpass yourself and broaden your horizons. A breath of fresh air to begin a more fulfilling cycle, but one that requires cleaning the place to welcome the new. In 2021, it's up to you to take it in 2022.

Well-being for the Leo

1st decan
Don't be aggressive around the 9th. Exchanges become tense if you impose your vision of things. Use your skills and goodwill to make an impression. Do not give up having the last word. Your positions are not unanimous. You exaggerate your powers and are called to order around the 17th, 20th, 23rd, and 26th. Keep a low profile to avoid sanctions.

2nd decan
You work for the common cause and manage stewardship by connecting to your intuition on the 1st and 8th. On the 23rd, your goodwill makes you appreciated at home and work.

3rd decan
Always in full transformation, you continue on your momentum and roll up your sleeves to progress towards the 5th, 14th, and 28th. Your efficiency and willingness to take responsibility to improve your good reputation.

1st decan
Rely on your listening skills to make exchanges more flexible and avoid criticism of your methods. You claim that you have the freedom to lead your life as you wish, but this is not the time to take a stand. Otherwise, you risk being stuck in your backyard on the 17th.

2nd decan
Take precautions when dealing with the authorities, and you will avoid some painful altercations. Use your charm to convince and strategy to place your marbles on the right square.

3rd decan
You lead the debates by listening to the other, and you positively influence them. Do not abuse it on the 19th! Your initiatives could be interpreted as an attempt to control the situation for your own benefit. If you redouble your efforts, it will be appreciated.

1st decan
You assert your originality, and you manage your destiny. You work on your idea on the 3rd and 21st. You influence those who help you gain your autonomy. On the 26th, you use your charm to make the debates evolve, and the Full Moon on the 28th invites you to communicate and seduce.

2nd decan
Enthusiastic and determined to convince the other person to accept your vision of the world, you roll up your sleeves to rally the votes (on the 22nd). But do not force the passage! Your overzealousness and authority might displease. If you intervene tactfully, you will persuade even the most recalcitrant.

3rd decan
Intuitive and creative, you benefit from the New Moon on the 13th, which invites you to follow your inner voices to move forward. You evolve positively in your work on the 16th, 18th and 30th. You follow your intuition.

1st decan
Use your charm (between the 14th and 22nd) to attract attention in society. You make your hierarchy want to count you in their teams. From the 23rd onwards, hold your shots and don't get noticed. The Full Moon on the 27th advises you to take care of your loved ones and to take a step back from events.

2nd decan
Your charm is at the service of ambitions that you have no difficulty in successfully defending (the 6th)! Rely on your influence (the 23rd, 24th, and 30th) to expose your projects or preach in favour of autonomy that you openly claim. But if you abuse your assets (the 25th), you risk making others want to block you.

3rd decan
Able to direct situations to your advantage, you change things on the 2nd. Don't abuse your flair to impose anything (the 9th). Use charm to make people want to follow you in your ambitions. The New Moon on the 12th favours your expansion if you advance your pawns wisely on the 13th and 15th. But a little less on the 16th because some of your initiatives are questionable. You end the month connected to an intuition that helps you aim high and right.

1st decan
Venus invites you to do tender projects between the 9th and 17th. Don't hesitate to ask your friends and family to support your plans. Starting on the 13th, Jupiter encourages you and your partner to blossom together. Your sensuality expresses itself, and you receive the fruits of your past efforts. But on the 21st, don't make plans that are too costly or ambitious. The Full Moon on the 26th reinforces your radiance and your desire to love.

2nd decan
You are thirsty for recognition but do not try to do too much. Otherwise, you risk hurting the feelings of those around you who do not appreciate your manners (the 3rd). Use your energy discreetly to promote your difference and rely on your ability to rally support inspiring projects.

3rd decan
You make your business evolve but do not use your charm to achieve your goals. Otherwise, you risk arousing suspicions about the limpidity of your intentions. The New Moon on the 11th puts your professional activity in the spotlight. Bet on your intuition (on the 13th) to change things at work, but don't manipulate those around you. Move forward undercover, use your energies wisely, and if discussions drag on from the 29th, contain your impatience.

1st decan
Venus serves your interests at the beginning of the month. Take stock of your emotional life to determine where you are and launch the next cycle with full knowledge of the facts. Mars reinforces your will between the 11th and 27th. You affirm your ambitions without going backwards. The economic situation recommends that you move forward under cover to change your situation, in the shadows for the moment.

2nd decan
Your projects are moving slowly, but surely and the New Moon on the 10th encourages you to do them. Rely on a gentle approach to situations to impose your originality, which is praised on the 13th. A method to keep in mind when dealing with the constraints that are confirmed on the 14th. No matter how much you want to do as you please, Saturn puts you back in line and forces you to bend to the rule.

3rd decan
Your fuzzy projects don't convince anyone (the 5th). Don't impose them, at the risk of disappointing your partners and sowing doubt in people's minds. Rely on discrete actions to direct exchanges to your advantage without abusing your charm to manipulate others.

1st decan
Until July 5th, Venus exalts your seduction, but it is in the shadows that you change things best. Whether it's a question of power or money, bet on the 12th to advance your pawns. But don't abuse your assets on the 22nd to ask for more. Otherwise, you risk worrying those who hold the money and find you greedy. The Full Moon on the 24th invites you to cooperate and take a step towards each other.

2nd decan
Avoid forceful passages or seduction that would only get you into trouble on the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 8th. Your thirst for recognition may hit a wall. The New Moon on the 10th recommends that you take your distance from the world, time to recharge your batteries. You do not lack audacity on the 13th. Put your assets at the service of your ambitions but remain discreet in your maneuvers.

3rd decan
You have difficulty communicating clearly about your intentions and plans that are not clear in your head. Wait until the 15th, you will have the necessary hindsight to evaluate the directions you need to take to lay the groundwork for your dreams on the right foundations. On the 24th, you plan the actions necessary to make the situation evolve according to your aspirations. Don't rush anything on the 17th, or you risk losing touch with reality. At the end of the month, beware of sudden decisions that worry your partners.

1st decan
Nothing and no one can contain your expressiveness on the 1st. Mercury endows you with eloquence. March (until the 14th) reinforces your desire to possess and your determination to ask for what is rightfully yours. At the end of the month, it is Venus who allows you to plead your cause.

2nd decan
You do not lack arguments to defend your interests on the 1st and 2nd, but your interlocutors are hard to convince. Use your charm to plead your case. But don't try to assert your independence to avoid being criticized or stopped dead in your tracks (on the 4th and 5th). The New Moon on the 8th puts you in the spotlight! So get up to the front of the line but motivate your demands. On the 22nd, no one will resist your power of persuasion.

3rd decan
Your appetites come up against reality. You must take it into account to avoid falling into the trap of gluttony and exaggeration. Use your talents to prove yourself rather than demanding that all your wishes be granted. We are sensitive to your influence on the 20th, but be aware that it is your work and your willingness to serve the common cause that best pleads your case.

1st decan
If your argument affects your partners (the 5th), then your benevolence towards your loved ones comes up against criticisms that hurt you (the 17th) and that you find unjustified (the 17th). Be rigorous in your efforts to convince; you will succeed on the 25th.On the 29th, it is your Cartesian spirit that influences those around you.

2nd decan
You highlight your difference on the 7th by expressing your potential and talents. But reserve your exploits and your desire to freely manage your existence for the social sphere on the 23rd. Your relatives do not appreciate your attitude, which they consider eccentric or dangerous for their safety.

3rd decan
You may sin on the 2nd and 14th. Mobilize your strengths in the field to change things daily and influence your interlocutors, associates, or private partners who will be sensitive to your charm. But the executors find you manipulative, and communication stagnates from the 27th. If you have trouble satisfying your loved ones, don't play any role in convincing them of your sincerity.

1st decan
Venus exalts your power of seduction between the 7th and 16th. Take advantage of this time to hit the bull's eye, rekindle the flame with your partner, strengthen your ties, and establish trust relationships with the other. From the 23rd, you watch over your loved ones but avoid any authoritarian management of exchanges to preserve peace at home.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 6th favours communication but does not protect you from nervousness, raising your voice (the 8th and 9th). Bet on Venus, which reinforces your desire for love between the 16th and 26th. She opens a cooperative dialogue with your loved ones or your crush. From the 18th onwards, exchanges are more fluid, and if some of them drag on, you will gently revive them.

3rd decan
It's hard to get through on the 1st, so take a caring approach to family stewardship and open a creative dialogue on the 4th and 15th. Your arguments will have an impact on your private and professional environment. Clarify your intentions and act wisely on the 17th. From the 18th, if a relationship was problematic, you will re-launch discussions more effectively and win on the 22nd.

1st decan
You make sure that harmony reigns, but you must keep calm and not rush anyone. If you display an authoritarian attitude, you will hurt feelings. At the end of the month, you return to a lightness that will allow you to gently approach the other person, with all the chances of pleasing them.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th invites you to take care of your loved ones. Avoid exposing them to your desire for independence or a change in life. You could stress your loved ones and impose your vision of things on them, at the risk of triggering a crisis. If you put it into practice (on the 19th), you will make them aware of the desires that drive you.

3rd decan
On the 1st, you have lively and productive exchanges. Don't spoil these good vibes by acting contrary (the 2nd and 16th). You improve your family life, but you don't lead everyone. Intervene wisely daily and channel your strengths while connecting with your intuition to change things.

1st decan
You are determined to have your desires satisfied between the 13th and the 27th. Jupiter invests, from the 29th, in the field of shared finances and sensuality, meeting your aspirations and allowing you to complete the year fulfilled.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th illuminates your loves and exalts your talents. You do not lack efficiency to show your willingness to change an operation that has had its time. But it's not sure that you will be allowed to do so around Christmas. Blockages exasperate you, and your partners do not support your choices. While waiting for 2022, be patient and continue to work so that people will soon want to follow you.

3rd decan
You are making a difference in your family, but your words are likely to be misunderstood. Don't make unpopular decisions and rely on benevolence to convince, get closer to those who matter, and end the year in osmosis with those around you.

Leo: Your advice for 2021

World Astrology:

Pluto transforms the fundamental structures on which our old world rests (and fell asleep), he undermines our foundations so that we reinvent ourselves without further ado, and his methods are radical! This obscure planet melts into the background in 2021, but it remains active and generates great fundamental movements. However, its viral load tends to decrease. Even if fear or psychosis induced by the pandemic will resist longer than the threat itself, we hope so. Let's watch out for politicians' temptation to maintain rules and systems that no longer hold up, or even to back-pedal to ensure an order collapses. In 2021, the revolt rumbles and some protest movements are tempted to step into the breach without taking their gloves off. It would be more prudent for world leaders to listen and not try to control everyone and channel the movement.

Towards what? More empathy for people's grievances, the ability to listen and hear the aspirations of humanity that is awakening to a different vision of the world. Nothing and no one will stop this movement in the long-term. It is now everyone's interest to save our planet, ourselves, and exalt the noblest aspects of our human dimension. This mission is impossible if everyone does not do their part if those in power do not consider the demands and defend their seat only out of interest.

In 2021 we can expect to see thrones shaken, powers wavering, attempts at repression flourishing, and rebels violently defying authority. Let's hope that consensus can be found to avoid the worst and that acceptable reason prevails over the most robust law. Above all, let us hope that the individual will reconnect, in the face of events that take us out of our comfort zone, to what is best in us rather than what frightens us externally. Whether repressive measures, attempts at intimidation, or even martial law, nothing can stop people from marching towards the best. Let us say this to ourselves in 2021 before perhaps noticing it in 2022?

The climate - the environment:

In 2021, Uranus could set fire to the powder in January (around the 17th), February (also around the 17th), June (around the 14th), and at Christmas time. Suppose this free spirit of the zodiac collides with Jupiter (in January) or Saturn (in February, June, and December). In that case, it could trigger destructive earthquakes or ground motions (earthquakes, a volcanic eruption, tsunamis) that could shake the Earth's crust. Also, beware of threats coming from the sky: airplane or satellite crashes that now clutter our stratosphere. In 2021, we must move forward without abandoning caution.

It is up to us to find ingenious solutions to continue to invent and innovate without destroying our environment, but rather to restore it. In 2021, defenders of the models of the past and visionaries of the future will undoubtedly compete in this field. Not everything will be done in one day, and wanting everything right away could only exacerbate sensitivities on all sides. We must proceed in order and measure in the face of an indispensable and inevitable ecological revolution if we still wish to navigate on Mother Earth without her having the furious urge to throw us overboard. As for the virus that is sowing panic among the population, common sense and respect for precautionary measures should be enough to eradicate it or prevent its spread. On the other hand, let us avoid letting ourselves be overwhelmed by a much more insidious psychosis because this is indeed the greatest danger facing humanity: being divided by others' fear!

The Planets:

Pluto shakes our most anchored structures since 2018, a little game that's not always funny where we have the curious feeling that nothing resists the work of dissolution that this lord of metamorphoses carries out. No plan (political, economic, financial) is spared by this agent of chaos who destroys to then rebuild on more authentic and spiritual values! Evolving since 2008 in Capricorn's sign, Pluto obliges us to grow in an austere climate where fantasy and lightness are hardly appropriate. In 2021, there will be no truce for this planet, which is working to put an end to systems, beliefs, and functioning that are outdated, paralyzing, even deadly.

Neptune, present in Pisces since April 2011, invites us again in 2021 to raise the debates, our point of view on the world, and our view of our Earth and its tenants' future. Evolving at home in this inspired sign, the deep sea planet makes our consciences aware of the urgency to go beyond the needs of the ego to pay attention to those of the collective. It invites us to take care of our human brothers and reconnects us with the most sacred part of our being: the soul that furious materialism has too often relegated to the closet. We can thus observe the emergence of currents of thought more concerned with the well-being of each individual. Whether it is on the ideological level, health, or ecology, nothing will stop this wave, which, slowly but surely, dissolves the beliefs that restrict our ability to surpass ourselves to allow us to invent a better world finally!

Uranus, present in Taurus since May 2018, is unleashed in 2021. This free spirit of the zodiac, uncomfortable in the fixed sign of Taurus attached to its securities, forces us to get out of our comfort zones to confront other possibilities. Therefore, let us expect to be shaken around January 17th, February 17th, June 14th, and December 24th. Uranus will successively confront Jupiter and Saturn to sow the seeds of rebellion, an accentuation of social antagonisms and the explosion of models from the past. 2021 still promises to be tumultuous. We will have to channel our anger to prevent the turmoil from degenerating into open warfare and use our living forces in an efficient and genuinely creative manner! A few crowd movements and a power struggle between the old and the new are to be expected. To be hoped? A consensus between wisdom, patience, and a thirst to change society's model, without forgetting that it takes time and rigour to rebuild! It's up to us...

Saturn made a brief incursion into Aquarius between March 22nd and July 2nd, 2020 (a period related to the confinement) and settled on December 17th, 2020, in this visionary sign, enamoured by freedom. He will only leave in March 2023. If this "great teacher" of the zodiac evolves rather at ease in Aquarius, he does not authorize flippancy, hence this injunction to withdraw into ourselves and an obligation to probe our soul by depriving us of the freedom to do anything. Let's bet that the lesson has borne fruit and that many have explored other paths and imagined other possibilities for the future. In 2021, Saturn channels the Uranian surge several times during the year (in February, June, and December) to put lead in our heads, so we do not forget! He upsets the established order and makes us assume our responsibilities as humans and citizens! We will have to accept the Saturnian yoke for a while longer to build on solid ground, and that change does not turn into a powder keg or a wave of rage. A priori, 2022, should reward our goodwill and our efforts to change without destroying!

Jupiter will evolve in Aquarius's sign from December 19th, 2020, but will make a loop in Pisces between May 13th and July 28th to reinvest in Aquarius between July 28th and December 29th, 2021. From January 2021 (around the 17th), this giant of the zodiac will amplify the values and energies it encounters. It is not worth fantasizing about the possibility of calming things down. On the contrary: Jupiter stimulates Uranus and opens the ball of announced rejoicing. On the one hand, a creative impulse that calls for change aspires to improve and renew our values and society's foundations. On the other hand, an unfortunate tendency to want everything right away could expose us to excess and provoke repressive reactions from our rulers. Jupiter temporarily migrating into Pisces could trigger empathic movements as well as accentuate the disorder. Let's hope that we can control our outbursts so that we can use them to change the world for the better rather than plunging into confusion, disorder, and transforming our legitimate revolts into sterile blunders...

The 2021 for all zodiac signs:

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