2022 horoscope Gemini

Written by Susan

Mars' opposition to your sign shakes up your loves in January. You have the impression that you are trying to be tied down. In March, Venus and Mars in Aquarius appease things by inspiring more detached feelings. You breathe. Your loves regain their meaning. After some turbulence and an empty passage, your loves leave the heart with Venus in Gemini. The month of August offers you to enjoy the pleasures of Venus in Leo.
If you negotiate the start of the school year instead of distancing yourself, you will have the perfect love until the end of the year.

Gemini, your Social life

From the beginning of the year, Saturn favors negotiations and agreements. If you want things to happen without wasting time, focus on what is achievable and fair. Do not ask too much. Set limits. Between May 11th and October 28th, Jupiter in Aries accelerates the pace. Disagreement dissipates. Luck plays in your favor, it projects things into reality and into the future. Mars arrives with reinforcement from the 26th of May to the 6th of July. Decisions are made, people are in agreement with your steps and you are successful.

Well-being for the Gemini

The influx from Pisces inspires you with irrational laziness and those who are Aries get put on the hot seat. This year, you oscillate between disconcerting ups and downs. To remedy these variations, practice an activity that you like and that you are passionate about. It doesn't matter if it does not win the votes of your loves or your friendships.

Gemini: Your advice for 2022

This year, you have all the chances on your side to realize your personal ambitions. To avoid disappointments, you really have to be reasonable on certain points.

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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